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Stories about Science

May 16 2018

Metro Exodus delayed, Darksiders 3 and Biomutant still without release dates

Originally announced previous year, (and rumoured long before that), Metro Exodus , developed by 4A Games, will bring the series penchant for grim, claustrophobic loc...

May 15 2018

New Rage 2 trailer is giving us massive Mad Max vibes

The Rage 2 gameplay trailer mixes moments of chaotic gunplay and combat-focused driving with smaller, more human moments of existence in the wasteland that Rage 2 t...

May 15 2018

Lost asteroid to fly between moon and Earth tonight

How can I watch this asteroid "not really pose a threat to us on Earth?" The limited observations at the time did not allow its orbit to be well defined until it wa...

May 10 2018

Patch now! Microsoft and Adobe release critical security updates

In Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2, the attacker could run arbitrary code in kernel mode to view or edit data, create new accounts or inst...

May 09 2018

Gmail's new 'Smart Compose' features writes replies for you

It is a neat feature for those who write a lot of emails every day and can help them to compose emails faster. If you aren't, go to Settings Try the new Gmail . Numerous...

May 09 2018

Facebook Creates Blockchain Team in Major Company Shakeup

However, given the current applications of blockchain technology, there are plenty of directions that Marcus and his team could go. There's a massive shake-up afoot a...