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•Am good bro


Kindly introduce yourself to the world

•My name is Edah Amatoritsero also known as Maxman (stage name)

Nice 1

So maxman are u a rapper or a singer?


That’s cool

•Thanks bro

So maxman is from which origin nd where do u call home presently?

•Yeah maxman is from “Delta state”, Itsekiri tribe and waffi city (warri) is where I call home presently..

Ailt Good

So since when av u been in the industry?

•Ermm basically I’ve been into music for years, I started my career at my primary school years..but it got official at my secondary level of education, because I was exposed to shows, events and competitions which involved me representing my school..

Wao! Interesting

•Yes bro

So is ur parent in support of your music career, and wat did they to encourage you?

•Ermmm… at first it wasn’t easy cos they had dah doctor dream for me.. so I had to write ma lyrics in ma closet wen dey not

smile, All parent wants to see their son succeed

•yea, you are right

•Buh now that am in ma final year as a student.. I see support coming from their angle, I guess dey didn’t want me to be a school dropout

Yea that’s true, I think so

Ailt! So can u tell us how u come up with the name “Maxman”?

•The abbreviation of ma real is Amas…at a tender age of ma career I did the maths.. Dad gave me no English name, so subtracted d A and substituted d S wih an X… making it Max…
•And d period d name was created was d time were every young artiste was regarded with the prefix “lil”(lil bow wow, lil Romeo) so I was regarded as “lil Max at that time…
•Buh with time and advancement, I grew as an individual and jungle don mature… so ma friends n fan came up wih Maxman…and for real am far from lil now… hide face

Smilling Yea u a man now, u aint lil anymore Lolz


So maxman what are the challenges u’ve faced so far in the industry

•hmm!, Mehnn.. Is nt easy @ all Lol
•Buh we ain’t gat choice.. We av to keep doing what we know how to do very well

Yea, good music never hide, Nice 1 from u

•Yes oo my brother

So who are the people u look up to in the Industry nd u will like to feature?

•First of all I look up to God, And I’ll say we have a lot of music genius here in naija
•Nd Also, I fancy d dexterity of 2face he’s amazing, Olamide, Ice prince Zamani, Baba Don Jazzy,Wizkid e.t.c•

Lol, So God is in the industry, well u are right, God first

•Hahaha u don’t knw God is in the industry?

Lolz, I don’t know before, but maxman has let me know now Laughing

•Yes oo, God comes first in the industry, if its nt there, our effort is on a long tin

Hmm! Interesting


So by God’s grace what level do u intend taking d industry to?, nd wat should we b expecting from u anytime from now?

•I thank God hip hop and good music is now accepted in Nigeria… gone re those days when if u into rap music you’ll have to do it for u and ur family alone to listen to…lol.. because d acceptance level was low… I intend to raise d bars up… beyond just lyrics and voice (because everybody is rapping) to lyrics and heart
•Nd u should be expecting a song titled Jalabiyah (freestyle) ft tha suspect by d end of this month, And also a mixtape album dropping soon

Hmm! We will surely be waiting for that

While waiting for Maxman Ft Tha Suspect, Kindly Download Maxman – Soldier Kan Ft Qdot :


•Thank you sir am glad u are

So maxman wats ur advice to the upcoming artist or to everybody in d industry?

•Mehnn.. Success is certain for who believes in it.. so they should keep believing and work towards it… hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard…

Wao! That’s a very good advice

•Thanks Bro

Ailt, so would u like to make shout out to anybody?

•Yeah…I’ll like to make a shout out to ma P.A Miss Enitan (Enihopeful) .. My family, MSCgang, Nd My homeboys, Mehn they are many bro, can’t mention, All I’ll say is maximum thanks to them all, they should keep supporting me in my career, without them, there is no maxman

Sure they will


Ailt good, it Nice hosting u on (ETOWN) Exclusive Time Out With Naijastarz

•Ok sir I appreciate you


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