Tesla begins offering leases for Model 3

Tesla begins offering leases for Model 3

Tesla begins offering leases for Model 3

Tesla is also offering a Model 3 lease for the first time, though with a big caveat. In Germany, Tesla is charging a base price of 44,500 euros (plus a handling fee of 980 euros) for this version, which offers a WLTP range of 415 km.

Tesla said that it would begin bundling its autopilot software as a standard feature on all cars, raising the base price, and would drop the entry-level Model 3 Standard from online ordering. However, without the model listed on the website, Tesla is keeping customers in the dark about its availability. The Model 3 Standard Range is now a Standard Range Plus model with software disabling a number of features, including music streaming, navigation and heated seats. Tesla said orders for the Standard Range Plus, with 240 miles, a premium stereo, power seats, and upgraded upholstery, outnumbered orders for the base auto by 6 to 1.

Tesla has pulled the plug on Internet sales of its cheapest Model 3 sedan in the latest shift to the company's retail strategy.

Tesla announced major changes to its model lineup Thursday, especially the Model 3, in an effort to shore up sales. Buyers can choose any Model 3 variant with annual mileage options of 10,000, 12,000 or 15,000.

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A vehicle carrier trailer carries Tesla Model 3 electric sedans, is seen outside the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, U.S. June 22, 2018. Named the Standard Range, the auto finally went on sale to give fans the most-affordable option possible.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Tesla to learn about the current price of the Standard Range and Long-Range Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3s. You can still order it but you'll need to call Tesla directly or visit one of its several hundred retail locations to do so. Standard Range cars can be upgraded to Standard Plus cars at any time, but Tesla didn't say how much that would cost. According to Tesla's data, the Standard Plus outsold the $35,000 base auto by a ratio of 6:1.

Also, customers will now be able to lease a Model 3, though they won't be able to buy it when the lease is up - Tesla plans "to use those vehicles in the Tesla ride-hailing network", the post says. It realized this when it reversed the decision to close the stores and instead raised the prices of the Model 3.

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