'I was trying to be nice' says furious Verstappen

'I was trying to be nice' says furious Verstappen

'I was trying to be nice' says furious Verstappen

Red Bull's Max Verstappen was fourth, within half a second of Vettel's best time. The brakes on Alex Albon's Toro Rosso also caught fire at the end of the session with Ferrari mechanics standing close by and helping to douse it.

Sebastian Vettel was a distant third in his Ferrari.

It was a disappointing day for Ferrari as they proved to be no match for Mercedes. "I hope the vehicle will be as good as it was in Bahrain, so that I can continue to go for the results we deserve".

Vettel finished fourth in the season-opening race in Melbourne and was then fifth in Bahrain, where he was eclipsed by team-mate Leclerc, who is 10 years his junior.

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas headed Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel by just 0.027 seconds in second practice at the Chinese Grand Prix. Sometimes a driver will be affected so badly that they miss the flag, and this was exactly what happened to Verstappen.

When time does the race start?

"It's so annoying as we could have fought for third", he said.

"So they f***** up my entire build up".

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"It's an unwritten rule that you don't f*** up other people's run up in quali out laps, but Vettel and the two Renault's broke it, so in the future, I'll f*** up their runs too", he said.

"I think he did a great race, he did a great qualifying a great race, but more than that, I think he has been fantastic on the post-race comments, showing that he's really a mature driver", Binotto said.

As Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button all claimed a title each between 2007 to 2009, Adrian Newey, Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull vehicle then became unstoppable for four straight years.

Lewis Hamilton sounded a warning ahead of the 1,000th grand prix on Sunday, saying he was focused only on victory, adding: "I'm not one for special days like this". You can blame Vettel for not compromising his own race in order to stick to the agreement and overtaking Verstappen.

Hulkenberg, Ricciardo, Norris, Sainz and Kvyat are as a result likely to run into grid penalties later in the season as each driver is restricted to just three engines, turbos and MGU-Hs and two MGU-Ks and control electronics per season. Liberty is in the middle of negotiating a new, hard contract with its 10 teams that would go into effect with the 2021 season. Does he envisage being in the sport beyond 2020?

"I need to understand the full picture, to see the full picture", he continued, "to speak with the engineers and understand the decision". We need a number one and a number two but I will make sure to change these things as soon as possible.

"If you analyse all the times he has ballsed up, Lewis has always been involved", said Ecclestone, the sport's former supremo.

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