Bernie Sanders Confirms He's Now a Millionaire

Bernie Sanders Confirms He's Now a Millionaire

Bernie Sanders Confirms He's Now a Millionaire

Financial disclosure documents revealed Sanders made more than $1 million in both 2017 and 2018, chiefly from book royalties for Our Revolution in 2016 and the young-adult adaptation Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution in 2017.

"What our system does is get rid of insurance companies and drug companies making billions of dollars in profit every single year, " Sanders told CBS News for an interview set to air Wednesday, adding that private insurance would largely exist exclusively for elective medical care such as cosmetic surgery.

While telling WCBS Radio that Medicare for All is "the best way" to achieve universal coverage over the long term, Booker said fellow Democrats who campaign on it also "should be talking to people about, in a split Congress, what are you going to actually do in your first year to make health care more accessible and affordable?" Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), all people have to do is write a bestselling book - and just like him, they, too, can become millionaires practically overnight.

"April 15 is coming", Mr. Sanders told The Times. "We're going to release 10 years; we hope the president does".

"Before policies get defined, what you see is people endorsing a plan that is a little, perhaps, less subject to early attack", says Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster with Lake Research Partners. The bill's reintroduction promises to shine a bright light on Democratic presidential candidates' disparate visions for the long-term future of American health care.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. speaks at a gathering introducing the Medicare for All Act of 2019, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, April 10, 2019. The last time he ran for president, he faced criticism for not releasing his tax information more quickly.

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Several independent studies of Medicare for All have estimated that it would dramatically increase government spending on health care, in the range of about $25 trillion to $35 trillion or more over a 10-year period.

Under Medicare for All, Americans would no longer pay premiums or face insurance deductibles as the government-run system replaced private health insurance offered through employers, the mainstay of coverage for more than 160 million Americans. Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat who isn't signed onto Sanders' bill, told reporters Tuesday.

"In my view, the current debate over Medicare for All really has nothing to do with health care".

It's always about Trump: Sanders repeatedly mentions Pres. Trump when asked about his tax returns, attempting to create separation between the two politicians who have not released their returns. "It is about whether we maintain a dysfunctional system which allows the top five health insurance companies to make over $20 billion in profits past year", Mr. Sanders said Wednesday in a statement.

"This is a struggle for the heart and soul of who we are as the American people", he said.

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