‘War hysteria’: India rejects Pakistan’s claim of an imminent attack as ‘preposterous’

‘War hysteria’: India rejects Pakistan’s claim of an imminent attack as ‘preposterous’

‘War hysteria’: India rejects Pakistan’s claim of an imminent attack as ‘preposterous’

Speaking at a news conference in Multan, Foreign Minister Qureshi had claimed that Pakistan had reliable intelligence that India was hatching a new plan for aggression against Pakistan and it could happen between April 16 and 20.

Quraishi's claims were voiced with the "clear objective of whipping up war hysteria in the region", India's foreign ministry says.

"This public gimmick appears to be a call to Pakistan-based terrorists to undertake a terror attack in India". "As per our information this could take place between April 16 and 20", he said.

Ms Khan said it was obvious that such an important intelligence report would have first reached the prime minister, before Mr Qureshi.

Sarwar said India stood isolated before the world community as its brutalities in Kashmir had been exposed and entire world admired Pakistan's stance on the regional peace and stability.

Amid mounting outrage, the Indian Air Force (IAF) carried out a counter-terror operation, hitting the biggest JeM training camp in Balakot, deep inside Pakistan on February 26.

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Echoing previous Indian statements, he stated that Pakistan needs to take "credible and irreversible steps against terrorism operating from all territories under its control rather than making hysterical statements to obfuscate the core issue that bedevils our region: cross-border terrorism". Responding to a query, the minister categorically said Pakistan reserves the right to safeguard its frontiers.

An Indian jet was brought down during the fight and its pilot captured when he ejected on the Pakistani side of the border.

"Again, let the world see Pakistan's true image and an obstinate behaviour of India and let it decide who wants peace and who has political designs", the minister said, and added that Pakistan always wished for peace and will continue the same spirit in future.

US-based Foreign Policy magazine, citing U.S. officials, said all of Pakistan's F-16 combat jets had been accounted for, contradicting an Indian air force assessment that it had shot down one of the jets.

"Continuing with Pakistan's spirit of constructive engagement, we have agreed to the Indian proposal for a technical meeting on 16 April", Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal tweeted. After his release, a fragile ceasefire resumed between the countries, but things could soon change according to claims made by Pakistani officials.

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