No turning back from Russian Federation S-400 deal - Turkey

No turning back from Russian Federation S-400 deal - Turkey

No turning back from Russian Federation S-400 deal - Turkey

Pompeo did not address the spat with Turkey in his remarks, but on Wednesday in a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu he made clear Washington's displeasure with Ankara for insisting it would go ahead with plans to buy Russia's advanced S-400 system instead of the American Patriot system.

Norfolk, Va., for instance, "is the proud new home of NATO's focus on the future, the Allied Command Transformation Center, which is tasked with assessing the latest global trends and devising the ability to meet and match them", Pence said. Imamoglu said he's confident that the result of a recount of votes in the city will confirm his victory and has renewed an appeal to Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to help end the standoff.

"Although they've said, even Erdogan has said, that the S-400 is a done deal, I don't personally think it's a done deal yet", he said.

Outwardly, some USA officials remain optimistic. Ben Hodges, lamented "can Germany spend more?"

"Turkey must choose. Does it want to remain a critical partner in the most successful military alliance... It is simply unacceptable for Europe's largest economy to ignore the threat of Russian aggression and continue neglecting its self-defense", he added.

"All NATO allies made a pledge to invest more in defense to improve burden-sharing in our alliance, and I expect all allies, including Germany, of course, to make good on the pledge we made together", the NATO secretary general said.

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A pair of RAF F-35B Lightning stealth jets over the English Channel during Operation Point Blank, which featured aerial capabilities from the British RAF, United States Air Force and French Air Force, November 27, 2018. Senior US politicians said they cautioned Mr Cavusoglu that deepening ties with Moscow "will risk sanctions and Turkey's involvement in the F-35 programme".

In December 2017, Turkey finalised a deal with Russian Federation over the purchase of the S-400 surface-to-air missile system. Turkish pilots have been training there to fly the F-35s, which are slated to be taken to Turkey in November.

While Pence said that "the alliance at 70 has never been stronger", that did not stop him from criticizing both countries for being poor allies. We do not want a new Cold War. "Beyond the Oval Office you have, in his administration, but very important in the US Congress, a strong commitment and an unwavering support for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and an appreciation for the value of the alliance".

The Pentagon said on Monday that it had halted delivery of F-35 related parts to Turkey because of the latter's purchase of the S-400 defence system from Russian Federation.

"Should Turkey procure the S-400", acting chief Pentagon spokesperson Charles Summers says in his announcement suspending deliveries to stand-up the program in Turkey, "their continued participation in the F-35 program is at risk".

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