Joker trailer teases Joaquin Phoenix in villain origin movie

Joker trailer teases Joaquin Phoenix in villain origin movie

Joker trailer teases Joaquin Phoenix in villain origin movie

We see Fleck caring for and dancing with his mother, the woman who told him, he "had a goal to bring laughter and joy to the world".

It's terrifying, and also totally awesome.

In Martin Scorsese's film, Pupkin stalks and kidnaps a talk show host in order to force him to give him a slot to perform live on TV too so maybe Arthur will do the same.

Some viewers were able to put their fear aside to take note of some important Easter eggs hidden within the horrorscape. Along with Phoenix in the title role are Robert De Niro; Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dumond, a single mother and love interest to Arthur; Brian Tyree Henry as a nurse; and Frances Conroy as Penny Fleck, Arthur's mother.

Watching a film where it's not the main character becoming a hero but instead a villain is an interesting concept, one not seen very often.

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Joker hits theaters on October 4th. The cinematography from Lawrence Sher, who previously worked with director Todd Phillips on The Hangover trilogy and War Dogs is really impressive, and definitely evokes a gritty style without being overly dark or incomprehensible.

Finally, the trailer of the much awaited DC movie Joker is already out and will relive all your creepy nightmares! "I used to think my life was a tragedy, but it's a comedy", says Arthur Fleck in the trailer.

Joaquin Phoenix portrays the sadistic Joker in the upcoming self-titled film coming this fall.

But unlike many other depictions of the clown, this follows his descent from doting son to crazed criminal, as we seem him beaten by thugs before saying: "Is it me or are things getting crazier out there?" It wouldn't be wrong to say that the video is going insane viral and it has occupied a spot on the list of trends within no time and we are not surprised at all.

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