Bernie Sanders Leads Democratic Fundraising With $18.2 Million Haul

Bernie Sanders Leads Democratic Fundraising With $18.2 Million Haul

Bernie Sanders Leads Democratic Fundraising With $18.2 Million Haul

President Trump has raised almost $70 million for his reelection campaign.

Looking at how much each candidate raised in the first quarter divided by how long they've been in the race found that Sanders averaged $444,000 a day; Harris $171,000 a day; and Buttigieg $103,000 a day.

Sanders, a US senator from Vermont making his second run for the White House, received 900,000 donations from 525,000 individual donors with the vast majority under age 39, campaign manager Faiz Shakir told reporters. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who has raised $171,000 per day, and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has raised $103,000 per day, per NBC News' Mark Murray.

Obama's massive $25.7 million haul was a reported as a massive victory for the IL senator and a major blow to Clinton, who had hoped to crush her competition in total fundraising. The senator's campaign noted that of his 525,000 unique donors, about 20 per cent are new, about 100,000 are registered independents and about 20,000 are registered Republicans.

But campaign officials said that this financial target had always been ambitious, and was meant to galvanize Sanders' grassroots base.

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While this is the first time O'Rourke has taken a position on Lee's legislation, he never explicitly committed to supporting direct monetary payments. Beto O'Rourke, to name one competitor, raised $6.1 million from 128,000 donors in the first 24 hours of his campaign, narrowly topping Sanders's initial $5.9 million from 223,000; he'll likely be north of Harris. While many Democratic candidates have eschewed raising money in traditional donor circles, Harris has not. "There are a lot of voters that a Democrat is going to need to get elected president who watch Fox News". Roughly 64% of the total amount are contributions under $200.

But Shakir said the near-miss was an example of the campaign's bold ambitions. In a recent stop in Atlanta, she held one small-dollar event but also a high-dollar gathering sponsored by bundlers who'd pulled together at least US$28,000 for her campaign. Because campaigns are not required to publicly disclose details of their fundraising and spending until later this month, it's impossible to verify Sanders' self-reported numbers, nor to compare them to those of his rivals.

Gordon Giffin, a former Canadian ambassador under President Bill Clinton, recently hosted a fundraiser for Klobuchar in his metro Atlanta home.

With such a crowded field - more than 15 Democrats have announced they are running - fundraising abilities have become an early way to prove to donors and potential supporters that a candidate is viable.

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