Senior Conservative MPs urge May to delay Tuesday vote on Brexit deal

Senior Conservative MPs urge May to delay Tuesday vote on Brexit deal

Senior Conservative MPs urge May to delay Tuesday vote on Brexit deal

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Some British politicians call this a "Hotel California" Brexit, because, from their perspective, "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave".

Pro-Brexit lawmakers have urged May to postpone Tuesday's vote rather than risk another crushing defeat.

Cabinet minister Andrea Leadsom, a leading Brexit supporter, called for "one last heave" by British and European Union negotiators to help the prime minister seal the agreement on the UK's exit.

Kinnock and his allies believe a short extension, of three months, would be sufficient to allow a common market-style agreement to be negotiated.

The so-called "meaningful vote" on May's Brexit deal is set for Tuesday but with no changes agreed on both sides to the controversial Irish backstop clause to make the deal more acceptable to British MPs, the United Kingdom government seems to be on course for a repeat of January's historic Commons defeat.

In particular, the lawmakers advised the prime minister in phone conversations that she should delay the vote and put forward a motion describing a divorce agreement that would finally heal divisions over the issue within May's own party, the media outlet said.

The DUP's support is crucial if the deal is to pass the House of Commons.

Some lawmakers are telling May to pull the vote because they expect a defeat on a similar scale as on her first attempt in January, the Times reported.

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But if they reject it, MPs could vote on Thursday to delay Brexit - giving further time for pro-Europeans to try to undermine the whole process.

"I think that an important offer has again been made to Britain, and now it is of course for Britain to respond to these offers", she said.

Critics of this plan, however, point out that it would still require an European Union deal of some sort.

If they do not vote for the deal, the United Kingdom will continue to speed toward its March 29 deadline.

Just 18 days before the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union, there is still no ratified divorce deal and talks with the bloc stalled over the weekend as May felt she was unable to break the political deadlock in London.

Juncker said he recommended the deal to the EU Council, which represents member states, and that Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar was prepared to back the changes on the backstop. There's probably still not a majority in Parliament for a re-run, but that could change in the weeks ahead. On Sunday, in an interview with the BBC, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt pointed out that the forthcoming week could see Brexit stopped altogether.

By contrast, they argue that a second referendum, preferred by many Labour MPs, would take much longer to arrange.

It is a new strategy, approved by Downing Street, to try to focus minds. Britain aims to depart the bloc on March 29. "Tuesday is about exposing the weakness of the prime minister".

"It looks as though she's bringing back the same deal so it looks as though we will have the same result and it will be thrown out", Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said. There are even suggestions that she should declare she's standing down this summer in return for more votes on Tuesday. Brussels insisted on it remaining a part of the deal as an "insurance" as recently as January, however.

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