From Page to Screen: Captain Marvel artist on Carol's costume

From Page to Screen: Captain Marvel artist on Carol's costume

From Page to Screen: Captain Marvel artist on Carol's costume

Nia Jax asked Brie Larson if she was coming for her job and Larson said "maybe" before laughing.

James Corden shares a special preview of "Captain Marvel" stars Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson Carpool Karaoke: The Series episode airing this Friday.

WWE Superstar Nia Jax recently interviewed "Captain Marvel" star Brie Larson to promote the upcoming superhero film. That is not a required prerequisite for success, and Carol Danvers makes that clear. The film embodies what 90's pop culture meant to those who haven't seen it represented much on screen in the way that nostalgia for 80's and before have for folks of those generations.

One of her favorite looks of the tour?

Supposedly the 21st film in the MCU, this has also emerged as one of its most inexplicably controversial due to the gender of its lead character.

When asked by KROQ's Kevin & Bean this week about whether any of the cast members have gotten in hot water for leaking details about the movie, Larson called Jackson out for trolling folks by saying things that are straight up not true.

That line of questioning comes to an end with Larson asking, "Did you fart when we were doing this?" Together with their new friends at S.H.E.I.L.D and some unlikely allies, they form what would become the seeds of Nick Fury's big idea when the fate of all kinds is on the line.

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Brie Larson is the talk of the town right now since her anticipated film Captain Marvel has been released in select cities, while it opens tomorrow in North America. You believe the friendship between Maria and Carol, how they identify one another as their chosen family.

That's not to say that a movie about a woman can't be inspirational to boys and men. A look could speak volumes in an instant and that gaze is present even if it doesn't speak to everyone.

Marvel Studios is known for combining equal amount of action and humor in its movies.

When the mission goes wrong, Vers is captured by the Skrull, who interrogate her about the whereabouts of a mysterious energy source. Though there isn't almost enough fighting for my liking, she's plausible too as a high-kicking warrior, and in a brilliant action scene knocks seven bells out of a Skrull soldier who's taken the form of a sweet old lady. As far as her powers are concerned, Captain Marvel is among the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe. Utterly empowering and inspiring. Danvers' love for Rambeau and her young daughter, and her personal memories give her something even greater to fight for, and keep her constantly inspired and strong. They have fun and there's Goose, the flerken-not-a-cat, in the mix which adds a lot of spontaneity to all the action. They're the superhero BFFs I never expected.

"But I'm not like them!" you'll say, if you leave the theater less than impressed by the film.

Initial reviews of Captain Marvel have been somewhat mixed - it has received few truly bad reviews, but several highlight flaws in the film. We meet everyone only briefly. We see how she got her superpowers, and it is exponentially cooler than being bitten by a spider. Indeed co-directors (and two of the co-writers) Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck distract you from the convoluted nature of some of the plotting by making things at times very amusing.

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