Pound stumbles as hopes dim of Brexit breakthrough

Pound stumbles as hopes dim of Brexit breakthrough

Pound stumbles as hopes dim of Brexit breakthrough

British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing accusations of bribe on Monday, after her decision to grant a millions-worth fund to poor communities that mostly voted for leaving the European Union (EU) in 2016. It can't be a reinterpretation of the withdrawal agreement or a re-emphasis; it's got to be really clear language as to where we are going ...

However, Labour MP Caroline Flint says as many as 70 of her party oppose holding a second Brexit referendum.

The UK is due to leave on 29 March.

Other senior Tories say that while May still faces an uphill struggle to win over numerous most hardline Tory opponents of her deal - and the 10 Ulster Unionists - many others who helped inflict the 230-vote defeat in January are now looking for ways to back down and support it. The government will also seek to ensure towns across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will benefit from the new funding. Parliament will vote on her tweaked deal by 12 March.

He added: "How we get there is something we are prepared to be flexible about".

He told BBC's Andrew Marr Show: "I think that to attempt to have a delay mechanism in order to thwart the process of Brexit itself is actually politically completely unacceptable".

British and European Union officials will continue technical talks on the Irish backstop in Brussels today, despite a downbeat assessment by the EU's chief negotiator of proposals put forward by the UK's Attorney General.

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"As long as the attorney general is able to assure the house that he has a legally binding guarantee that the backstop can only be temporary, I would accept that and would urge others to accept it", he said.

"Once we have that, my colleagues in parliament need to recognise the strength of feeling", he wrote in the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

"The whole country is exhausted of vacillation and delay", he wrote in the Mail on Sunday, adding that "this is not a time to make the best the enemy of the good".

Lord Stevenson of Balmacara, shadow worldwide trade minister, said: "The success of this cross-party Lords motion gives both the government and the House of Commons a chance to step back from the disaster of a no deal, and to deliver an outcome which would satisfy the clear majority of people in the UK".

Last Friday Barnier said he was aware of "misgivings in Britain that the backstop could keep Britain forever connected to the European Union", but he was "ready to give further guarantees, assurances and clarifications that the backstop should only be temporary", which would be created to assuage some of the key worries from the government's more Eurosceptic MPs.

Many are towns in areas of central and northern England represented by the opposition Labour Party, and the move is being seen as a bid to win support from their lawmakers for May's withdrawal agreement with the EU.

"We have been forced into this by Theresa May delaying, running down the clock", John McDonnell told Sky News, saying Labour is still pushing to get its alternative Brexit plan adopted.

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