Donald Trump Serves North Dakota State A Fast Food Spread

Donald Trump Serves North Dakota State A Fast Food Spread

Donald Trump Serves North Dakota State A Fast Food Spread

President Donald Trump honored the FCS Division-1 football championship of the NDSU Bison with a White House ceremony March 4th.

Now that the President seems to be in his fast food groove, we don't imagine him stopping anytime soon.

"I know you people", the president said in explaining why he was serving up the fast-food feast instead of the usual catered White House spread.

Praising the player, Trump said he had "the look" of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who has a well-documented friendship with the president.

"We like American companies, OK?" he said. While they didn't expect there to be any food, Trump made sure the players were treated to some burgers and fries.

In January, with the White House kitchen staff furloughed due to the grinding shutdown of the federal government, the president served a similar meal to the Clemson University football team.

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The players laughed with the president while eyeing stacks of Big Macs and Chick-fil-A sandwiches on a long table in the center of the room.

North Dakota State, the FCS national champion, is in celebrate its national championship.

The North Dakota Bison Football team are seven-time NCAA Football Championship Subdivision winners. The Bison Coach did not want this trip to be shown as a political message but that it was a bonding experience for the team.

ASSOCIATED PRESS Trump was given a jersey by the football team in the state dining room of the White House.

"We addressed [politics]", Entz told The Herald.

Despite the food, championship ceremonies went on as planned at the White House.

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