Cat Found Nearly Frozen Makes ‘Amazing’ Recovery

Cat Found Nearly Frozen Makes ‘Amazing’ Recovery

Cat Found Nearly Frozen Makes ‘Amazing’ Recovery

Fluffy the cat is lucky to be alive after being found injured, "essentially frozen" and buried in Montana snow.

The cat, named Fluffy, was discovered in Kalispell, Montana on January 31 in frigid 8F (-13C) temperatures with her fur matted with snow.

Fluffy was then taken to an emergency clinic as her temperature remained dangerously low, but Clark said she had returned to normal by that evening.

The clinic knew Fluffy would survive once they heard growling.

According to the animal hospital, Fluffy is back with her owners - although she is making the transition to being a indoor cat. China Corum, used warm water and blankets for around two hours.

Staff at the clinic used towels, cage warmers and intravenous to warm up the 3-year-old cat - whose body temperature didn't even register on a thermometer. Temperatures were hovering around 10 degrees outside at the time.

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"We immediately began to warm her up", Dutter said. The cat was discharged to her owners the same night, and when vets checked on her a few days later, she appeared to be back to normal.

On Tuesday, the Animal Clinic of Kalispell posted photos of Fluffy on Facebook to share her story of "success and survival".

Clark said Fluffy's owners plan to try to keep her inside for now.

"Fluffy is incredible", the post said. "And finally, we put her in heated kennel".

Don't leave your animal unsupervised in cold weather.

She had to be thawed out after getting buried in snow last month.

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