Tiffany Trump wore white to the SOTU, so what does that mean?

Tiffany Trump wore white to the SOTU, so what does that mean?

Tiffany Trump wore white to the SOTU, so what does that mean?

From Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to hot shot NY congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the US Capitol was a sea of oppositional ivory for President Donald Trump's address on Tuesday, local time.

During his speech, President Donald Trump noted the number of women in newly created jobs past year, touching off a remarkable moment.

"He so loves this country that I don't want that to be lost", Conway said.

"Oh yes that clap took me back to the teen years".

Trump's chief counselor, Kellyanne Conway, said Trump was intentionally defining socialism, which may be misunderstood by some Democratic voters.

But not necessarily the man who occupies that office, a distinction Pelosi has suggested throughout Trump's presidency.

After delivering the text version of his speech to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) and Vice President Mike Pence, Trump turned around, thanked the crowd, and then set about his speech.

Pelosi and Trump have had a tense relationship since the government shutdown that kicked off her speakership. She knows. And she knows that you know.

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She said we can do more to curb climate change and to defend civil liberties, but not without the guarantee of the right to vote.

"From now on, our leaders must be willing to tackle gun safety measures and face the crippling effect of educational loans; to support educators and invest what is necessary to unleash the power of America's greatest minds", she said. They leapt to their feet, pointed to each other and high-fived.

After presidents suffer setbacks in midterm elections, they often reach out to the victorious opposition with words of conciliation, however artificial or short-lived they may be.

Pelosi applauded Trump's mentions of a strong military and creating jobs.

House Democratic women also held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon to reiterate their commitment to affordable childcare, access to healthcare, and the economic security of women and families.

Turning to foreign policy, another area where Republicans have increasingly been willing to distance themselves from the president, Trump defended his decisions to withdraw USA troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

Although it certainly makes a statement, the wearing of white is a solidarity move and should not be misconstrued as a protest, said University of Melbourne senior political scientist Dr Lauren Rosewarne.

Democrats on the floor and in the gallery groaned before Trump had finished the sentence.

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