New Polls: Majorities Blame Trump And GOP For Shutdown, Oppose Border Wall

New Polls: Majorities Blame Trump And GOP For Shutdown, Oppose Border Wall

New Polls: Majorities Blame Trump And GOP For Shutdown, Oppose Border Wall

By a wide margin, more Americans blame President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress than congressional Democrats for the now record-breaking government shutdown, and most reject the president's assertion that there is an illegal-immigration crisis on the southern border, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

"I tried to see if we could open up the government for a limited period of time to negotiate a deal", Graham said.

A key question is how much more time is Mr Trump willing to give Congress. Mr Graham, who said he and Mr Trump talked by telephone on Sunday morning, said the legislative path "is just about shut off" and blamed Ms Pelosi.

President Donald Trump is pushing back against the idea that he doesn't have a strategy to end the partial government shutdown, now into its fourth week.

Concerning the allocation of blame, 53 percent say Trump and the Republicans are mainly at fault, and 29 percent blame the Democrats in Congress.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, the new chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a Trump ally, said he was astonished that law enforcement officials had sought to investigate whether Trump was an agent of the Russians. "That's why I'm depressed".

Sen. Richard Durbin of IL, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, said on NBC News' "Meet the Press" that centrist Senate Republicans who sought to broker a deal last week should step forward and make an appeal to their party's leader in the chamber, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

As pressure to end the shutdown continues to mount, some Democrats have begun urging Senate Republicans to take up House-passed legislation to reopen the government, regardless of whether the president agrees.

Instead, the president urged lawmakers to provide him the $5.7 billion he is seeking for border security. "They never got it done - I will".

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First, it would allow him to claim that he was the one to act to reopen the government.

An estimated 800,000 federal workers have been affected by the lapse in funding - either by having to work without pay while it lasts or by being furloughed. Many Republicans are wary, too, fearing its use by a future Democratic president.

Farmers have supported Trump through a trade war with China that cost them billions, but they are complaining about the loss of loans, payments and other agricultural services because of the shutdown.

Graham echoed Trump by blaming the three-week long government shutdown on Democrats - specifically House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who joked she would give Trump $1 for the border wall.

The standoff has turned into a test of political ego, particularly for Trump, who came into office boasting of his deal-making powers and making an aggressive border policy the keystone of his nationalist agenda.

The U.S. government shutdown is now 23 days old and shows no sign of a resolution.

Nearly half of all Republicans (49 percent) say the situation at the border is a crisis, and 43 percent say it is serious but not a crisis.

Miami International Airport closed its Concourse G for part of the weekend because of insufficient TSA staffing, although it said it expected to reopen on Monday. The president believes that Hispanic Democrats will see that the party hasn't secured DACA protections and they will switch to the GOP as a result.

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