New Technology May End The Era Of Using Someone Else's Netflix Password

New Technology May End The Era Of Using Someone Else's Netflix Password

New Technology May End The Era Of Using Someone Else's Netflix Password

The software analyzes locations based on who is logged in and where. What could happen to subscribers who share their Netflix and other streaming service account passwords to family and friends?

The Credentials Sharing Insight software could have a major impact. That may be the case for accounts with credentials that have been sold off to many users online. The software can determine if users are watching video at their home or if they've shared it with someone outside the home.

Synamedia says that until now, content providers have turned a blind eye to casual password sharing as it helps market their service to new audiences.

British firm Synamedia uses machine learning to spot shared passwords on streaming services like Netflix and HBO and rat out the offending users.

But you have to pay a certain price to watch these web series, create an account and get a password.

Synamedia says that their credentials sharing solution is being used under trail by various different OTT service providers and we can expect them to deploy this system on their services very soon.

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Racine says that Synamedia's machine learning approach, which notes always-evolving "consumption patterns", is more flexible than a hard-coded algorithm that has to be updated manually and often. As an estimate, there's expected to be a loss of 1.2 billion dollars by 2021 due to credentials sharing.

It is expected anything from sending an email alerting the user to more premium account models that allow more than one person to access the service to a complete account ban entirely are possible repercussions.

'It's a great way to keep honest people honest while benefiting from an incremental revenue stream'.

The company said it is now conducting trials with several pay-TV operators albeit it did not provide further details on which ones.

The year 2018 was really "the year" when 22-odd streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar drove much of the content giving an upthrust to viewers count on the web.

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