Georgia has highest level of flu activity in U.S — CDC

Georgia has highest level of flu activity in U.S — CDC

Georgia has highest level of flu activity in U.S — CDC

The first was 5-year-old Mia Lobo from Carpentersville.

CAMDEN, NJ- To combat an already busy flu season, the Camden County Department of Health and Human Services will continue to offer flu shots through February.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 80,000 people died nationwide last flu season from the illness, which was the highest death toll in at least four decades. You are less likely to get the flu if the people around you don't have it. A flu, on the other hand, has similar symptoms but hits you fast and leaves in bed for nearly one week.

Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing.

If you are sick, limit contact with others and stay home from class or work until you are fever-free for at lest 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicine.

Get an annual flu vaccination. See how active the flu is in your state or city at Tamiflu, or oseltamivir, which is available with a prescription from your doctor and is taken daily for five days, can shorten the duration of your illness and prevent complications.

H1N1 is the flu strain at the centre of the pandemic outbreak of a decade ago. And if you do get sick.

There is also a new antiviral on the market called baloxavir, which you only have to take once.

FLU-v is a broad spectrum influenza vaccine that targets regions in the influenza virus that are conserved among many different influenza strains.

"Even people who had the flu shot were getting the flu", she said. Fourteen percent said they were planning to get a flu shot but had not done so yet.

The CDC reviews the effectiveness of the vaccine each year and often bases expectations on how virulent the strain was and how it was treated in the southern hemisphere, such as Australia.

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Monto: In order to understand vaccine effectiveness, it's helpful to understand the influenza virus. But here in Ontario, there is also a low-level of H3N2 circulating, which is another type of influenza A. But in 2014-15, 974 Mainers reported a positive flu test.

"For the current season, the H3N2 strain included in the vaccine has been updated to better match the circulating strain, which will hopefully result in better protection against this strain compared to past year", Durham said.

Perhaps as a result of that ordeal, Goodman said, "There seemed to be more demand for flu shots this year".

However one doctor at St. Francis Hospital said there are actually fewer cases than a year ago.

Q: If the flu vaccine isn't 100 percent effective, should people still get it?

The H1N1 flu strain, commonly known as swine flu, is spreading throughout Georgia.

As for where cases are specifically appearing in the province, Dr. Warshawsky says influenza activity is wide-spread with "some variability in the rates of laboratory-confirmed infections".

"Certain patients are at a higher risk of developing complications from the flu, such as pneumonia or having to be hospitalized". The shot is a vaccine that helps protect you against the seasonal flu virus.

Children under five years of age account for not only half of the influenza deaths, but six of the 14 intensive care admissions at Saskatchewan hospitals since September 1.

According to a weekly activity report issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, flu activity in the state has been elevated to the highest level.

We agree, getting a flu shot makes sense. We stay in touch with people in these households all year long. "Since returning from the break, we've had a few kids tell nurses that they had the flu during the break, but we don't have laboratory confirmation of that". This also gives us the opportunity to see how the flu spreads within a household.

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