China President Wants 'Pragmatic' Cooperation With Brazil

China President Wants 'Pragmatic' Cooperation With Brazil

China President Wants 'Pragmatic' Cooperation With Brazil

The far-right leader said a year ago that he also wants to annul land demarcation decisions made by previous administrations, but legal experts say recent Brazilian Supreme Court rulings could block such move.

"Israel is a sovereign state and we must respect it", Bolsonaro told Brazi's SBT.

Azevedo met with Bolsonaro the day after Brazil's new Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo sharply rebuked globalism, saying that under his watch the country would fight for change at multilateral institutions like the WTO.

"To the contrary, I think it was very propitious and compatible with what is happening", he said after meeting Bolsonaro.

In yet another controversial move, Bolsonaro also announced his readiness to discuss the possibility of hosting a USA military base in Brazil, pointing to a major shift in the foreign policy of Latin America's largest and most populous country.

Brazil's newly inaugurated government ordered the security force officers to be sent to the state on Friday after a series of attacks on banks, public buildings and vehicles.

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"Depending on what might happen in the world, who knows if we might have to talk about [a USA base] in the future", the 63-year-old far-right president, who assumed office on January 1, told SBT television in an interview. No deaths of bystanders have been reported.

While the trigger for the wave of violence is still being investigated, officials suspect the vicious attacks were ordered by organized crime gangs in retaliation for government plans to impose tighter controls in the state's prisons, according to intelligence reports published in local media.

The far-right president, elected on a law-and-order platform, warned in a tweet that sky-high violence would only slow if laws were passed to provide police and soldiers freedom from prosecution when on active duty.

Bolsonaro, who has expressed nostalgia for the 1964-1985 military dictatorship that ruled Brazil with the approval of the United States, said that the country's armed forces had been "abandoned" over the past two decades because "they are the last obstacle to socialism".

More than 30 people were thought to have been robbed of a number of items including mobile phones and credit cards, but nobody was hurt in the incident on Thursday, police said.

Bolsonaro already appears to be toning down some of his bold calls made during the election campaign. Bolsonaro argued it was necessary for people to defend themselves.

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