Massport monitors TSA staffing at Logan during government shutdown

Massport monitors TSA staffing at Logan during government shutdown

Massport monitors TSA staffing at Logan during government shutdown

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY said the president told them Friday he's prepared for the shutdown to last months or years.

Michael Bilello, the agency's assistant administrator for strategic communications and public affairs, said staffing levels at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport were slightly down.

Hundreds of TSA officers have called in sick from work this week from at least four major airports.

Sarah Burgisser, who works for one of the airlines, said early Saturday morning passengers were waiting hours to get through security.

At Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) International, the wait time was slightly longer than in NY but still within TSA standards.

According to the CNN report, that situation might be what's causing the increase in TSA agents calling in sick in recent days.

"This problem of call-outs is really going to explode over the next week or two when employees miss their first paycheck", a union official at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport told CNN. For instance, the TSA recommends travelers take items out of their pockets and put them in a carry-on bag before they go through security in order to speed things along and make sure nothing gets left behind.

That means that if the shutdown continues, it's bound to get worse.

The call outs are "creating a vulnerability" and screeners are "doing more with less", Johnson said.

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Most federal workers are paid every two weeks.

A Transportation Security Administration officer works at a checkpoint at Miami International Airport, Jan. 6, 2019, in Miami.

On Friday, TSA said in a statement that the call outs began over the holiday period and have increased.

Numerous employees are forced to call out because they can no longer afford childcare without a paycheck, or need to use the time they would be working for the TSA to earn money they can use to pay rent or other living expenses.

About a quarter of the government, including TSA and the Department of Homeland Security, have been without funding since December 22.

Because the government considers them "essential", TSA officers remain on the job during the federal shutdown. Known as positive passenger bag match, it presumes that if a passenger checks in and boards the flight, their checked luggage is safe, but some security experts are doubtful it is effective. He said wait times "may be affected" but that all passengers would be screened as normal.

Lisa Farbstein, a TSA spokeswoman for the Baltimore area, said she is on furlough until further notice as a non-essential employee. @spoxdhs & @realdonaldtrump may not like the truth but that won't stop us from reporting.

The airline declined to comment about the delays and the possible effects the government shutdown may be having on travel.

The shutdown continues as President Donald Trump and Congress are unable to reach an agreement.

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