Elizabeth Warren’s Debut Trip to Iowa Ignites Voter Passion

Elizabeth Warren’s Debut Trip to Iowa Ignites Voter Passion

Elizabeth Warren’s Debut Trip to Iowa Ignites Voter Passion

I think that's how most Democrats feel, have another election and see what we can get, see if we can fix some problems.

"I went down to the border and I saw the children that had been taken away from their parents", she said.

Curiously, Warren claimed the results proved her Native American ancestry claims. "I wish I could just open the door and have lots of folks in, but this is a way to do it", she said, adding that her beer of choice is Michelob Ultra, what she called "the club soda of beers".

"She recently ran for her Senate seat [in November] against Geoff Diehl - and if you actually watched the debates, [he] just wiped the floor with her", he states.

Elizabeth Warren of MA is making her first visit to Iowa as a likely presidential candidate, testing how her brand of fiery liberalism plays in the nation's premier caucus state.

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In an analysis, Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns of The New York Times said Democrats are committed to making Trump a one-term president, but that the party is "leaderless" and "in a moment of transition from center-left politics to a more ideologically pure brand of liberalism".

Warren returns to the state for the first time in more than four years - an aide confirmed that her last visit to Iowa came in October 2014.

Warren has had a rough start to her presidential bid all around. "Those are the things that matter to hard working families, and the reason that those things are happening are because of bad decisions being made right now in Washington". But that was before Senator Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, almost won the Iowa caucus with his populist message, and, this time around, the state's progressives already seem to be dividing their loyalties. President Donald Trump famously refers to Warren as Pocahontas, and many social media memes peg her as Faux-cahontas. They were meant to give Warren a chance to speak to larger audiences and allow her team to begin logging names and contact information for those interested in more information. I hope she does well.

Hillary Clinton in 2016 launched a similar "listening tour" that took her to early states.

Iowa's caucuses will not be held for another 13 months in February of 2020.

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