Romney says Trump hasn't 'risen to the mantle' of presidency

Romney says Trump hasn't 'risen to the mantle' of presidency

Romney says Trump hasn't 'risen to the mantle' of presidency

Mr. Trump said he would "much prefer that Mitt focus on Border Security and so many other things where he can be helpful". With that out of the way, the Utah Republican went on to bash Trump's abrasive personality, declaring that "the president has not risen to the mantle of the office".

He wrote that with such a "divided, resentful and angry" nation, the president seemingly has lacked the leadership needed to resolve it.

In reply, Trump tweeted derisively of Romney's unsuccessful bid for the presidency and urged the incoming Utah senator to work with him.

Romney has strongly defended press freedom and challenged Trump's repeated attacks on some news outlets as an "enemy of the people".

Trump himself was also quick to hit back at Romney Wednesday morning.

"The world needs American leadership, and it is in America's interest to provide it", he wrote.

In 2015, Romney rebuked the racist comments about Mexican immigrants Trump made when launching his presidential campaign. But a year ago he thanked Trump for his endorsement as Romney ran for a senate seat from Utah. Romney famously gave a speech early in the 2016 election calling Trump a "fraud" and "phony".

Trump used the social media blast to answer his own question about whether Romney would follow in Flake's footsteps as one of the Republican caucus' leading critics of his presidency and behavior. When Romney sought the presidency in 2012, Trump endorsed the former MA governor, calling him "tough" and "smart". His op-ed was welcomed by anti-Trump figures from both parties, but blasted by Trump supporters.

President Donald Trump's most prominent GOP critics on Capitol Hill are close to completing their Senate careers, raising the question of who - if anyone - will take their place as willing to publicly criticize a president who remains popular with almost 9 in 10 Republican voters. He won. And I recognize that and appreciate that.

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

Rory Cooper, a GOP strategist who helped lead the "Never Trump PAC" during the 2016 Republican primary, said publicly criticizing the president makes Republican votes back home unhappy and earns the ire of the president.

"That's why I got elected", Trump said, reiterating that European countries must be pushed to increase their share of defense spending, a point he has made repeatedly when talking about North Atlantic Treaty Organisation funding and defense and security in Europe.

Romney doesn't take the oath of office until Thursday, but he dominated much of the conversation online and on cable news.

Trump has come under fire in the U.S. for frequently lambasting European countries, which for decades have been seen as traditional allies of the US.

"POTUS is attacked and obstructed by the MSM media and Democrats 24/7".

After Trump was elected, the two men seemed to mend fences and Romney was briefly considered for the position of secretary of state.

Bongino, speaking on Fox & Friends, said that Romney, not Trump, exhibited character flaws.

"I think it's very important for a president to demonstrate the qualities of integrity and honesty, forthrightness, empathy and respect for the institutions of our democratic republic", he said.

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