‘Bird Box’: Netflix stokes peer power with 45 million viewership figure

‘Bird Box’: Netflix stokes peer power with 45 million viewership figure

‘Bird Box’: Netflix stokes peer power with 45 million viewership figure

"I'm fairly sure Bird Box is a phenomenon of some sort, but without verifiable data or comparative data for context, a Netflix-affiliated Twitter feed coming down from on-high with suspiciously specific (and yet entirely vague) data is the epitome of nonsense", he tweeted. "It's just going to be amusing", director Susanne Bier added.

Giving people a rare peek behind the curtain, even a flattering one, will only renew calls for greater transparency by journalists who report on the service and those who do business with it.

The watch-it-your-way flexibility of streaming presents challenges to anyone trying to draw a comparison to traditional film in regards to audience.

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So while it's hard to compare to traditional movie sales, the current top movie at the box office, Aquaman, grossed $137 million in its first week and sold close to 15 million tickets. But it's also important to note that Netflix is counting by accounts. Does the figure account for those who accidentally play the film from an auto-play option? This is very different than YouTube that considers a view when a user has watched for around 30 seconds. As of Monday, Bird Box had an average rating of 5.8 out of 10, according to review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. At the same time, director Steven Spielberg, a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, declared that Netflix films should be banned from receiving Oscar nominations. The company rarely reveals viewership statistics for its content and is not independently monitored by a third party, such as Nielsen (though the measurement company has attempted to do so in the past).

For one thing, the number isn't verified by any other source.

Netflix has never been one to share much information about their viewing metrics however, and details are still sparse about what counts as a "view" for the feature film (it's unclear if accounts had to watch the entire film for it to be a view, or if only part of the film has to be seen).

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