Twitter Eruption As Kanye Goes To War With Drake In Massive Rant

Twitter Eruption As Kanye Goes To War With Drake In Massive Rant

Twitter Eruption As Kanye Goes To War With Drake In Massive Rant

Hip hop star Kanye West went on a weird and long-winded tweetstorm Thursday night - which included almost 100 tweets - as he blasted fellow rapper Drake and accused him of sending threats.

The tweets were apparently inspired by a recent request from Drake's camp to approve the sampling of Kanye's song "Say You Will", over which Drake rapped on his early mixtape song "Say What's Real", which is now not available on Apple Music or Spotify.

West shared a screenshot of a text message he had received which stated that Drake had filed a "clearance request" for Say What's Real, a song which featured on his 2009 mixtape So Far Gone, which was produced by West.

While Drake has yet to directly respond to Pusha T (nor does it seem like he actually will), but his feud with Kanye West seems to provide him some entertainment in his life.

Earlier, West wrote: "You threaten the safety of me and my family".

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"Stop this already bro", Kanye added.

Kanye even mentioned his recent mental struggles, and how apparently Drake was less than sensitive to his challenges. He also said he will never release a diss track: "I will never put negative energy into a song".

After airing his grievances and allowing us to imagine what Drake's text conversations with Kris Jenner might look like, Kanye revealed that Drake "finally called". "Been trying to meet with you for 6 months bro".

Some of Kanye's other rantings, include: "This year has been really tough and you have added to the confusion..."

The Stronger rapper's verbal attack didn't end there - he also accused his rival of buying up the front two rows at Pusha T's November show in Toronto, where an overzealous fan attempted to attack him from the stage.

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