Russian cosmonauts take sample of mystery hole at space station

Russian cosmonauts take sample of mystery hole at space station

Russian cosmonauts take sample of mystery hole at space station

The samples, data and photographs taken from the leak site will be brought back to Earth and analyzed by Russian specialists. Problems during re-entry of the actual landing capsule of the Soyuz in the earth's atmosphere, the space agencies, Roscosmos and Nasa.

NASA, meanwhile, has stood by its Russian counterparts and says it has full confidence that Roscosmos will get to the bottom of things. The use was a complicated and physically demanding, with less than eight hours, it lasted nearly an hour and a half longer than planned.

Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Sergei Prokopyev will conduct a six-hour spacewalk to inspect the Soyuz's outer surface. Kononenko and Sergei Prokopyev are inspecting a section where a mysterious leak appeared on August 30.

Kononenko will use a knife to rip open the insulation and protective covering of the spacecraft to look at the hole and scrape off samples. For the cosmonauts, it was challenging, in a bulky space suit with bulky gloves and work in zero gravity, the only two mm large Opening.

To do that they had to messily cut into the heat shield on the outside of the habitation module and peel it back to expose where the hole had been sealed with epoxy from the inside, all while it was docked to the International Space Station (ISS). Kononenko, and Prokopyev took photos and Videos of the leak. This should be investigated on the earth of Russian experts. To the formation of the borehole wild speculation developed in Russian Federation.

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He had said earlier that Russian Federation did not exclude "deliberate interference in space".

He said recently that the Russian official probe is ongoing and some of the station's crew who are set to come back to Earth on December 20 will take the samples that are collected during the spacewalk.

The samples should also clarify how well the waterproofing from the inside.

The module, built by Russian company Energia, arrived at the International Space Station in June and has been the subject of a galactic detective mystery ever since. The module is blown off on the return flight and burns up empty in All. Astronauts Sergey Prokopyev and Alexander Gerst repaired the 0.07-inch-wide (2 millimeters) hole with material soaked in an epoxy sealant.

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