US Republicans vote to curb power of newly-elected Democrat governor

US Republicans vote to curb power of newly-elected Democrat governor

US Republicans vote to curb power of newly-elected Democrat governor

Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin voted Wednesday to restrict the authority of incoming Democratic Gov.

Republican leaders in MI have also been criticized following the 2018 elections for aiming to limit state authority over clean water enforcement - a central campaign issue for Democrats who won in November - on their way out of office.

"If he wanted to put a stop to this, he could", said Russ Hahn, a 53-year-old attorney holding a sign that said "GOP Grinch Steals Democracy".

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Almost every County Clerk in Wisconsin came out against the proposal, calls flooded state legislative lines - and that idea died in committee. Backing out of a lawsuit challenging the 2010 federal health care law had been a major campaign issue for Evers and Kaul.

And he suggested that GOP legislative leaders "don't trust" the Governor-elect.

"Gov. Walker fought a hard campaign", Evers said.

Other people concerned about the measures including Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling. The legislation, he said, ensures that Evers will have to negotiate with lawmakers and can not unilaterally erase Republican ideas.

Democrats in the statehouse were apoplectic over the session's agenda, saying it contradicted the will of the voters.

Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul told reporters Tuesday that the legislation undermines the will of voters who elected him and Evers. The new legislation will rescind much of that power from his Democratic successor. "That's all we're going to say".

It is particularly disturbing that legislative Republicans would chose to poison the well of bipartisanship before duly elected officials are allowed to take office.

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Burden said that the Governor of Wisconsin has a powerful veto power including the ability to strike line items and even words.

Republicans will begin the extraordinary session with a public hearing at 10 a.m. on Monday.

The protests were reminiscent of a scene in 2011, just after Walker took office, when he pushed a bill to reduce the power of public-sector unions. "We won fair and square", the Democrat said. But hope survives. Because although Wisconsin's Republican leaders may be afraid of democracy, democracy is not afraid of them.

Amid protests and accusations of a power grab, the Republican-led Wisconsin legislature approved a package of measures Wednesday meant to curb the authority of the U.S. state's newly-elected, incoming Democratic governor. It now goes to Gov. Scott Walker for his signature.

"Some of this is simply a policy debate", Burden said, "some is reverting back to a prior relationship between the Governor and state legislature".

But gerrymandering can't stop Democrats from winning statewide races.

But Republicans say the changes are blown out of proportion and ensure Wisconsin's government is evenly balanced. "The Republican base may like that but it's not the thing that gets them going". They stood outside in the chill, spoke in hearing rooms amid what many described as heavy policing and cheered and chanted in the gallery until Senate leadership ordered it cleared Tuesday afternoon.

Republicans about to lose seats in the state legislatures of four key swing states are making moves to curb the power of the Democrats who will replace them with a rush of new legislation aimed at state voting laws and voting rights.

The measure, which would require regulators to only accept studies used by the Environmental Protection Agency, which under the Trump administration is rejecting previously accepted studies that cite proprietary data, is believed by activists to be fast-tracked so it can make it to Republican Gov. Rick Snyder's desk before Democratic Gov. -elect Gretchen Whitmer takes office.

Walker downplayed the significance of the legislation's proposed changes and said the measures seek to keep in place the current friendly dynamic between the Republican governor and GOP-controlled Legislature. Michigan Republicans are also discussing taking action before a Democratic governor takes over there.

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