Google is reportedly shuttting down Hangouts in 2020

Google is reportedly shuttting down Hangouts in 2020

Google is reportedly shuttting down Hangouts in 2020

But the former Hangouts services, Meet and Chat, were split out for enterprise users and this seems to be part of what's happening with Google.

Google will reportedly kill off its Hangouts chat app in 2020. Realtime Comms product lead for Google's G Suite - including Hangouts Meet and Chat, and Google Voice - Scott Johnston pushed back at the report, arguing that "No decisions made about when Hangouts will be shut down". In the latter case scenario, it could be Google Hangouts. Google Allo - now supplanted by Chat in Android Messages and Google Duo handle consumer scenarios, while GSuite consumers can make use of Google Hangouts Chat and Meet.

Both Hangout Chat and Meet are now available for web, Android and iOS users.

While Hangouts Chat, much like Slack, was meant for easy conversations between the team and the organization, Hangouts Meet was introduced as a video-calling platform for fast, easy and convenient meetings.

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It's little wonder I'm seeing people slowly move away from Google's business products towards other platforms which are perceived to be more stable. Indeed, he suggest that existing user will be migrated to the other services Google offers. Google's reputation for creating services and not really knowing what they plan for them - the equivalent of throwing up application "thought bubbles" - can be really frustrating for users. Recently, the company also shut down Google+ because of lackluster performance. That feature hasn't launched yet, but RCS messaging is expected to rollout in early 2019.

Hangouts users have a year to find an alternative for the service; some may not want to give Google another chance.

Are you still using Hangouts?

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