Amazon Launches New Service For Building Scalable Blockchain Networks

Amazon Launches New Service For Building Scalable Blockchain Networks

Amazon Launches New Service For Building Scalable Blockchain Networks

With an extensive portfolio of services at all three layers of the technology stack, more customers reference using AWS for machine learning than any other provider.

And they want all of this without sacrificing the speed and agility of AWS.

AWS is by far the leader in the public cloud infrastructure services, which companies can rely remotely upon run the software and store the data.

Shawn Bice, Vice President, Nonrelational Databases at AWS said, "Earlier this year, when we started talking to customers about what they needed from a blockchain solution, we realised that the Amazon QLDB's ledger technology met a lot of their requirements". The processors use custom silicon and ARM cores and are meant for workloads spread across smaller instances, such as containerized microservices and development environments. To find out more about the DeepRacer League, visit Along with this broad range of services and devices, customers are working alongside Amazon's expert data scientists in the AWS ML Lab to implement real-life use cases.

AWS is attempting to disrupt the current model with a smoother experience for customers, joining its biggest cloud competitors.

AWS also showcased the increasingly influential role of AI in traditional vehicle races during the conference. It is the latest example of the giant provider of the cloud services building next-gen processors. "Today, we are giving satellite customers the ability to dynamically scale their ground station antenna use based on actual need".

The new service will come with VMWare-designed software which effectively mixes two technologies now favored by enterprise, but not necessarily deployed in their entireties- cloud and virtualization.

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At the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, Amazon introduced AWS Outposts, its boldest effort yet to take on legacy hardware vendors like Cisco, Dell and Hewlett Packard Enterprise by bringing AWS-branded boxes to traditional data centers. It will allow the users to manage their very own scalable blockchain. "I think that virtually every application over time will be using these machine learning services".

Amazon, which is starting with its own hardware, will deliver and install Outposts at customers' facilities and then provide maintenance, fix the hardware and automatically update the software.

The service will be available to AWS customers in the government or highly regulated sectors involved in missions such as public safety, military, data collection and Earth observation.

Policies will then be consistently implemented, reducing the duplicative work of manually defining and enforcing them across a customer's security, storage, analytics, and machine learning services.

Prepackaged machine learning models for common business tasks-demand forecasting, data preparation, natural language processing-can now be purchased in AWS Marketplace and deployed to Amazon SageMaker.

AWS has also boosted its machine learning services.

With the machine learning service, the cancer center was able to drastically reduce the time required to index patients who may be eligible for clinical trials based on their conditions and medical histories.

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