UN Waives Sanctions for Inter-Korean Railway Survey

UN Waives Sanctions for Inter-Korean Railway Survey

UN Waives Sanctions for Inter-Korean Railway Survey

South Korean President Moon, however, is keen to improve relations and reduce tensions with North Korea, which past year were threatening to engulf the Korean Peninsula in war.

The South will also inspect, among other things, North Korean rail facilities, and will proceed with working-talks on the outcome of the survey.

"Our government has stood by the principle of honoring the sanctions regime and working closely with the worldwide community as we conduct key inter-Korean projects".

The inspection on the DPRK's railways along the eastern coast would mark the first since the peninsula was divided with the armistice agreement that suspended the 1950-53 Korean War.

Experts believe that the radars could possibly deter North Korea from actually launching missiles against its southern neighbor.

United States bombers are no longer conducting flights over South Korea after Seoul asked for such missions to be paused, a U.S. general said on Monday (Nov 26).

The project has faced delays over concerns it could violate United Nations sanctions imposed on the North over its nuclear and missile programmes.

Chung revealed plans to invite North Korean wrestlers to Seoul next month.

"We are in talks on the schedule for his visit to [South] Korea", the diplomat said.

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Some believe that Washington may be attempting to keep North Korea in check.

The two Koreas' railway connection plan - which has been completely suspended since August - looks to gain speed. with a couple of exemptions made to the global sanctions over the weekend.

Dialogue with North Korea looks in danger of drying up after Pyongyang pulled out of high-level talks with the US and South Korea can not persuade leader Kim Jong-un to visit Seoul.

The US has been adamant pressure and sanctions must be maintained on Pyongyang until it fully dismantles its weapons programme.

The Korean folk song "Arirang" has a similar story - the South's was recognised in 2012, followed by the North's two years later.

Pompeo made the remarks during a telephone interview with a US radio station when asked about a working group recently launched between the USA and South Korea.

Despite apparent flexibility on sanctions, the USA remains guarded.

Kim and President Donald Trump held a summit in June and signed a denuclearization deal.

The chemicals to control pine tree diseases are not subject to UNSC sanctions on the North, it said. "It reminds us of the peace-building power of cultural heritage", UNESCO chief Audrey Azoulay said.

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