Apple’s new iPad Pro might not be as durable as it looks

Apple’s new iPad Pro might not be as durable as it looks

Apple’s new iPad Pro might not be as durable as it looks

If product destruction porn is your jam, the rest of the video is pretty interesting as well, particularly if you have an itch to see the guts of either the iPad Pro or the Apple Pencil.

THE NEW IPAD PRO may be the same dimensions as A4 paper, but you absolutely shouldn't try and turn it into the world's most expensive paper aeroplane.

Internally, the iPad Pro does not seem to have any reinforcements for ensuring proper structural integrity.

The iPad Pro (2018) gets scratched with a razor blade, and unsurprisingly it does get scratched. But the tablet gets better - and becomes even more of a laptop replacement - with some help from accessories.

The case itself is clear, allowing the Space Gray or Silver of your iPad Pro to show through.

iPad Pro with LTE is mobile. That's all great, but is Apple's newest tablet as strong on the outside, as it is on the inside?

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But not for this reader: "Apple wants you to use the Apple Pencil (not included, of course) as the mouse". The device's portability is also put forward as a major plus point.

Apple's A12X chip puts the new iPad Pro's performance within range of top-end MacBook Pros.

The video does raise the question on how well the iPad Pro (2018) will hold if it is carried around in a backpack or if someone accidentally sits on it.

To an extent, this issue isn't surprising, given that the iPad Pro measures in at just 5.9mm in thickness, making it Apple's thinnest iPad yet.

In October 2018, Apple updated its enterprise-focused iPad line. At first they'll be Apple Store exclusives, though OtterBox says that eventually they'll be available from the company direct too.

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