Mystery deepens on Lion Air crash after Boeing bulletin

Mystery deepens on Lion Air crash after Boeing bulletin

Mystery deepens on Lion Air crash after Boeing bulletin

The plane is the latest generation of Boeing's workhorse narrowbody aircraft, with more than 200 delivered since it entered service previous year and a total of 4,700 orders placed by airlines around the world.

American said it was issuing similar communications to its pilots to emphasize the existing protocols.

Indonesian investigators on Wednesday said the sensor was replaced on the Lion Air plane the day before its fatal flight and may have compounded other problems with the aircraft.

Following the deadly 737 MAX 8 crash in Indonesia, Boeing is preparing to alert airlines that errors in its newest aircraft series can make the plane "abruptly dive", Bloomberg revealed.

An Indonesian National Transportation Safety Commission (KNKT) official carries debris from the crashed Lion Air flight JT610 at Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta, November 4, 2018.

Cox said that once investigators have all the data, they will work backward to determine if there was a problem with one of the plane's systems or if pilot decisions put the plane in peril.

Boeing declined to comment.

USA aviation regulators said they are drafting an order requiring that airlines follow Boeing's instructions.

It's unclear what's in the Boeing OMB and how it might address the AOA issue. At takeoff, the plane's altitude fluctuated dramatically, and the plane increased in speed before nose-diving into the Java Sea 13 minutes later.

"When there was a problem, the pilot would write it down and the mechanic would do (a repair).Then the plane would be declared airworthy".

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After an engine on a Southwest Airlines plane fractured earlier this year over Pennsylvania, killing a passenger, CFM International issued multiple bulletins to operators of its CFM56-7B power plants.

"The aircraft and pilot are grounded for investigation goal", said Pramintohadi in a written statement on Wednesday, November 7.

The angle of attack readings are fed into a computer that in some cases will attempt to push down the nose using the elevator trim system.

Black box data recovered from the crashed Lion Air jet showed the plane had an airspeed indicator problem on its four flights.

The investigation is now focused on flight data from one of the black boxes, found last week.

"We're going to learn from this just like we learned from the A330", he said, referring to a 2009 incident in which an Airbus A330 crashed off the coast of Brazil with 228 people on board due to electronics failures.

Indonesia's transportation safety committee said it had agreed with Boeing on procedures that the airplane manufacturer should distribute globally on how flight crews can deal with the sensor problems.

Search teams have filled some 186 body bags with remains found after the devastating crash, but only 44 victims have been identified so far, Muhammad Syaugi, the head of the national search and rescue agency said at a press conference.

Pramintohadi Sukarno, the Ministry of Transportation's acting director general for air transportation, said Flight No. JT633 had been canceled and the pilots grounded after the accident. Once that happens, it may try to right itself by pushing the nose down, reports the Straight Times.

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