Fight between driver and passenger causes deadly crash in China

Fight between driver and passenger causes deadly crash in China

Fight between driver and passenger causes deadly crash in China

China is still reeling from a tragic incident in which a bus swerved off a bridge, plummeting 60 meters into the icy waters of the Yangtze river, killing all 15 people on board but now shocking footage has revealed the cause.

Xinhua News Agency reported a floating crane pulled the wreck out of the river Wednesday night.

The second video shows the moment the bus swerved on the bridge, getting out of its lane and into oncoming traffic.

The female passenger started quarrelling with the driver after she missed her stop, according to Wanzhou district police.

Police examined nearly 2,300 hours of surveillance videos along the bus route to determine the cause of the accident which gripped the nation.

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Footage published by the newspaper appeared to show the fight between the driver and passenger and then screams could be heard form the passengers as the bus veered out of control.

Officials said more than a dozen people were on the bus at the time of the crash. However, Liu did not get off and later asked the driver to stop the bus when she realized she missed her destination. The driver's right hand came off the steering wheel during the altercation, which led to the steering wheel turning sharply to the left, the report said.

The Wanzhou police statement said the behaviour of the driver and the passenger seriously endangered public safety and violated the law.

When the 43-year-old driver, also identified by his last name, Ran, refused, Liu hit him over he head with her cell phone. Authorities are still looking for the remaining two.

Another video, taken from a auto travelling in the opposite direction, shows the bus swerving widely on the bridge and crashing through the barricades before its fatal plunge.

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