Afghans vote in south Kandahar's delayed elections

Afghans vote in south Kandahar's delayed elections

Afghans vote in south Kandahar's delayed elections

A suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest after getting near to the Independent Election Commission.

Afghanistan's first parliamentary elections since 2010 were held against a backdrop of near-daily attacks by the Taliban, who have seized almost half the country and have repeatedly refused offers to negotiate with the Afghanistan government.

More than 4 million people cast their ballots elsewhere last weekend despite violence and logistical issues, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) said.

On election day, the Taliban had carried out around 200 attacks, which left at least 36 dead and 126 wounded.

The long-delayed parliamentary elections, which were held over two weekends, were targeted in some 250 militant attacks across the country, which killed at least 50 people and wounded more than 100 others.

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Voters cast their ballots at 172 polling stations, one fewer than expected, Sadat said.

People in Kandahar Province went to the polls on Saturday, while elections have yet to be held in central Ghazni Province, which is still reeling from the Taliban's takeover in August.

The Taliban, who have declared war on the government, warned people against taking part in the elections.

"Attempt to commit fraud in the parliamentary elections is considered as electoral crime and those who make such attempts should be punished by the judicial and legal centers", Naeem Asghari, deputy head of Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan said.

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