Trump Admits No Evidence of Middle Easterners in Migrant Caravan

Trump Admits No Evidence of Middle Easterners in Migrant Caravan

Trump Admits No Evidence of Middle Easterners in Migrant Caravan

The caravan, mostly Honduran migrants fleeing violence and poverty at home, is now in the town of Huixtla in Chiapas state, around 31 miles (50 km) north of the Guatemalan border and a distant 1,100 miles (1,800 km) from the United States.

Mexico hopes to disperse the convoy long before it can reach the border, telling migrants to register with authorities in order to submit applications for asylum in Mexico.

Trump earlier this year ordered the deployment of National Guard members to the U.S. -Mexico border to respond to a spike in illegal border crossings.

A federal law dating to the 1870s restricts the use of the Army and other main branches of the military for civilian law enforcement on US soil unless specifically authorized by Congress.

Large groups increase migrants' chance of safe passage, and they provide some sense of community and solidarity on the journey, as migrants themselves report.

For the best idea of what the U.S. government would do, consider what happened when a caravan of about 1,500 Central American migrants reached the U.S. -Mexico border in April 2018. After crossing a metal fence, thousands of migrants were stuck for more than 24 hours on the border bridge that crosses the Suchiate River, waiting for the Mexican border to open. Some of the other migrants who arrived were kept in detention or deported.

So the next group of migrants are likely to encounter one of two outcomes: Sluggish bureaucracy or hard-line enforcement.

In comments to Fox News, the official explained the troops would be supplying "logistical support".

Adrian Edwards, a spokesman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, said Tuesday in Geneva that "in any situation like this it is essential that people have the chance to request asylum and have their worldwide protection needs properly assessed, before any decision on return (or) deportation is made".

Those claims have not been corroborated, a USA counter-terrorism official told Reuters on Tuesday. If they violate those rules, they face deportation.

Data has not yet been released showing how that change has affected the number of successful asylum applicants.

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The caravan mostly consists of Hondurans who are fleeing their violent and poverty-stricken country.

The tweets come just weeks ahead of the 2018 midterm elections where Mr Trump has emphasised immigration as a key issue. Pierce called this proposal "Family Separation 2.0".

"This thing is going to die", she said of the carriage, pointing to a wobbly back wheel. Trump himself acknowledged he's got no proof terrorists are in the mix.

Most of the caravan has come from Honduras and other Central American countries and are now in Mexico.

Reporters trailing the caravan have said that neither they nor the migrants they have interviewed reported seeing anyone from the Middle East in the group.

He has also announced the U.S. would start cutting aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Likewise, his threat to mobilize the us military and shut down the entire southern border would require a congressional waiver, as well as declaring a state of emergency, and any closure would take an immediate hit on trade with Mexico. If that's what they want, they should say it. The Trump administration has "already implemented the most draconian policies", Pierce observed, and yet those "did not deter" this caravan from coming anyway.

Such caravans have been routine over the years without much attention, but President Trump has used the caravan to rally his Republican base before the November 6 midterm elections.

And he even suggested Democrats are funding the caravan. This process has been sharply criticized by advocates, who accuse officials of illegally trying to block immigrants from claiming asylum.

Tyler Houlton, a spokesman for Homeland Security, later tweeted that the department could confirm that gang members or serious criminals are in the caravan, but he didn't provide details.

Trump told a rally crowd in Wisconsin on Wednesday that the military was "all set".

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