Trump's Message To Caravan: 'Turnaround'

Trump's Message To Caravan: 'Turnaround'

Trump's Message To Caravan: 'Turnaround'

There already are about 2,000 National Guard troops there under a previous Pentagon arrangement.

Per the New York Times, the president is actually considering taking steps to block migrants and asylum seekers from comign into the country in the coming days.

The U.S. official was not authorized to speak publicly because the details had not yet been finalized and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Trump has been stoking fears about a caravan of migrants in Central America who are trying to make their way to the USA border.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis is reportedly planning to deploy hundreds of troops to the United States' border with Mexico - something President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened.

"Trump's tweet this morning wasn't a one-off - he is looking at closing the border entirely as a pre-election effort to stoke his base", Haberman tweeted. The intent of the email sent by one of the Border Patrol Landowner Liaison's was to provide the landowners within that specific area of responsibility a point of contact in case they encounter media or any unauthorized individuals on their respective properties.

Many migrants in the sprawling caravan - once estimated by the United Nations to number more than 7,000 - are hoping to make it to the United States.

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"This caravan can not come to the United States", Nielsen said.

Numerous migrants are fleeing poverty and insecurity in Honduras, where powerful street gangs rule their turf with brutal violence. "Go back to your Country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing!" tweeted Trump.

Despite the Trump administration's claims that the migrants are trying to enter "illegally", current USA law allows foreign nationals to apply for asylum at a port of entry at the border. But those members remain under the control of the governors of the states where they're positioned, and their activities are limited to supportive roles, such as providing surveillance.

The troops are part of a security operation that is expected to be up and running by Tuesday.

It's not yet clear from reports if the 800 new troops will be from the National Guard or a different branch of the US military.

Trump hinted at the troop announcement at a rally in Wisconsin on Wednesday. "You just watch", he told the crowd.

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