'No deal' Brexit would mean costly border disruption-UK spending watchdog

'No deal' Brexit would mean costly border disruption-UK spending watchdog

'No deal' Brexit would mean costly border disruption-UK spending watchdog

British Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday a divorce deal with the European Union is in sight, though she admitted the final but most hard part of the negotiations remains.

The prime minister also announced that there would be a weekly cabinet meeting for ministers to present updates on Brexit preparations and prepare for any scenario.

His remarks are likely to infuriate Brussels and the Irish Republic, who have both insisted that a backstop - essentially an insurance policy created to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland in the event of a no-deal Brexit - must be part of any withdrawal agreement.

While accepting that Anglo-Irish relations are "strained", Mr Varadkar risked heightening tensions further with his comments in front of more than 1,000 business leaders.

"Our longstanding collaboration and deep connections are rooted in mutual interests and common values, and - whatever happens with Brexit - I will work to ensure London remains a key partner for Brussels and cities across Europe".

Organised criminals will be quick to exploit weaknesses or gaps in border enforcement, the NAO says.

It added: "Border management is fundamentally important to national security, effective trade, tourism, well-managed migration, healthy communities and the environment". Britain says Brexit won't mean physical customs checks.

"Emergency ships will be chartered for food and medicine if we leave the European Union with no deal".

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"A backstop contingency plan to keep planes flying after March must be published, and quickly", he said.

Theresa May urged ministers in a cabinet meeting to find ways to secure a breakthrough of perishable goods in the event of the Dover-Calais route becoming blocked by new customs control on the French side.

The withdrawal agreement covers the legal agreement or treaty that the United Kingdom will sign with the European Union to conclude its exit by March 29, the end of the article 50 period.

"If it is 90 or 95 percent, if there's no solution for the Irish border, for our Parliament it's zero percent that is agreed for the moment".

And, conversely, if Northern Ireland remained in a customs union with the rest of Ireland, it would then be an hour out from London for six months of the year.

MPs in her own party criticised her for being open to the idea of extending until 2021 the post-Brexit transition period in which the details of future trade terms are to be ironed out.

With the threat of a coup within the Tory party looming large and the prospects of her cabinet being able to put forward a viable Brexit proposal in the short run remaining slim, holding a second referendum can be considered a way out for May at this point, as it is likely to both resolve the issue and save her job at the same time.

But it is guaranteed to be explosive, given the unrest at her leadership and belief from her critics that they are rapidly approaching the 48 votes needed to trigger a no-confidence vote. The required number now stands at 48; only committee chief Graham Brady knows how many have been submitted.

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