Adobe Previews Photoshop CC on iPad

Adobe Previews Photoshop CC on iPad

Adobe Previews Photoshop CC on iPad

Also absent is an artist-centric workflow; instead, Adobe is debuting an entirely separate app now titled "Project Gemini", with the intent to make it a one-stop-shop for artists. In these cases, Adobe Premiere Rush CC may come in handy. Premiere Rush CC is meant to make videos that content creators can straightforwardly export to major social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter. These include Lightroom CC, which will now have the option to import images directly form Apple Photos, as well as Adobe Bridge CC, which gets an updated UI among other things.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC seems to have borrowed some power and features from Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition. Building on Photoshop's powerful brush engine, this new app combines powerful Photoshop brushes, precise and scalable vector brushes, and an entirely new category of groundbreaking Live oil and watercolor brushes - you've never seen anything like them.

Social media stars finally have an Adobe video app just for them.

What's more, if you've done all you can with a piece within Premiere Rush, it's easy to then transfer that project to Premiere Pro to put on the final touches.

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Premiere Rush CC began life earlier this year as "Project Rush".

A news release out Monday revealed Adobe previewed new iPad versions of Adobe Photoshop CC and Project Gemini, a drawing app, reinforcing the company's commitment to delivering high-performance apps that work seamlessly across surfaces. Additionally, the PSD files you edit on your desktop can be brought forward and further manipulated on your iPad as well. It even smudges as you push the brush around. At the end, you can directly export your finished product to various social media platforms, including YouTube (naturally). It's available today on Windows, Mac, and iOS, and an Android version is coming to the Google Play Store in 2019. If you already subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, you can use the iPad version as part of your membership as soon as it's released.

As for the pricing, Premiere Rush CC is available for $9.99/month to individuals, $19.99/month to teams, and $29.99/month to enterprise customers.

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