‘SNL’ tackles President Trump’s meeting with Kanye West

‘SNL’ tackles President Trump’s meeting with Kanye West

‘SNL’ tackles President Trump’s meeting with Kanye West

Shout out to Chris Redd, relatively new SNL cast-member who perfectly nailed Kanye West's MAGA hat-wearing, wide-eyed, totally erratic behavior.

"Oh, this guy might be cuckoo", Trump says to himself in a voiceover. Of course it was the ludicrous spectacle of Kanye West ranting for 10 uninterrupted minutes to the President of the United States of America.

Additionally, West jabbed SNL for their relentless mocking of President Trump, urging them to stop and adding, "If [President Trump] don't look good - we don't look good". "I have been in a room with Denis Rodman and Kim Jong Un, and they made a lot more sense than him".

"We're going to be digging bodies out of the ground", he continued. Once the embattled rap star started arguing for the abolition of the 13th Amendment to stop the Unibomber and trap doors, though, NotTrump started recognizing how freaky this self-proclaimed "very stable genius" sounded. and how much it mirrored his own odd public commentaries.

West also reminded the haters that not everything's what it seems: "Social media told you that people didn't like me, but everybody loves me". Much more. Even Trump couldn't get a word in edgeways and just sat there with a face like a badly carved Halloween pumpkin.

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"Oh my God, he's black me".

Brown, all-but forgotten in the midst of Kanye's ramblings, questioned his place in the meeting. Jim says out loud, "Mental health is more of an issue in the black community than I thought". It's about a black man who did not know his history who went out there and repeated bad stereotypes about black people. "So I think that's what it is", he said simply.

Of course "Saturday Night Live" would poke fun at President Trump's White House confab with rapper Kanye West last week.

"I love you, Kanye", Trump concluded.

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