Battling discrimination and stigma against mental health

Battling discrimination and stigma against mental health

Battling discrimination and stigma against mental health

The observing Mental Health Week under the theme "Young People in Mental Health, in a Changing World" and nurse Morris-Willis said, sensitising the youth on the issue of mental health is critical.

Today is World Mental Health Day, and the focus this year is "young people and mental health in a changing world". The report warned that 10-20% of adolescents suffer from ailments that could have long-term impacts on their mental health, including emotional disorders, anxiety, psychosis and self-harm.

A study commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation found one in ten children aged between ten and fifteen say they have no one to talk to, or would not talk to anyone in school if they felt anxious or sad. "Raising awareness around mental health conditions reduces the stigma, and hopefully this will encourage people to talk more and realise that it really is OK not be to OK".

The public spending watchdog also warned that the number of young people with a mental health condition is likely to be higher than previously estimated, which will make government ambitions harder to realise.

 Bring together resources created to improve the physical health of people living with mental illness.

Heather says, "Approximately one-half of chronic mental illness begins by the age of 14". People living with mental illness in Australia are at twice the risk of early death and three times the risk if they live in rural communities.

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Nearly one in three people will be struck by mental health problems while in employment, and it is the single largest cause of disability in the UK.

The Minister noted that, agencies like the Department of Counselling Services and the Family Resource Centre which falls under its remit; the National Drug Council; as well as the Mental Health Commission are different parts of government's framework in promoting this objective of ensuring young people are equipped with all of the necessary resources to deal with life's challenges.

"I had been going through an extremely tough year with my own physical health and my loved ones were also going through extremely hard situations, I found my own mental health deteriorating rapidly".

NAMI cites research that among adults with a serious mental illness, 62.9 percent received mental health services in the past year.

She said it may take several generations of effort to work on the prejudice and stigma attached to mental illnesses, but it's important to "move towards the right direction". But both of us have seen how political leadership, funding, innovation and individual acts of bravery and compassion can change the world.

The suicide that was occurring in the country is now on the rise and most leading cause of death among young people. "The quality of mental health services is routinely worse than the quality of those for physical health", says their report, launched at a global ministerial mental health summit in London.

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