Saudi Arabian petroleum conglomerate Aramco to have its IPO in 2021

Saudi Arabian petroleum conglomerate Aramco to have its IPO in 2021

Saudi Arabian petroleum conglomerate Aramco to have its IPO in 2021

For the past two years, Saudi Arabia has prepared to place up to 5 percent of its national oil company on the stock market.

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) is planning to invest an additional $45 billion into a second technology fund by private equity firm SoftBank, according to the Fund's chairman Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. "We have good improvement in our trade - a lot of achievements, so this is really great".

He made the disclosure in a wide-ranging interview with the newswire conducted at the royal palace in Riyadh on Wednesday.

Arguing his opinion the 33-year old MBS said it was normal for allies to have disagreements and one must ultimately accept that "any friend will say good things and bad things". You will have misunderstandings.

"We would not put another United States dollars 45 billion if we didn't see huge income in the first year with the first USD 45 billion", said Bin Salam, who is also the PIF's chairman. NO FREEBIES." And it's not restricted to Saudi Arabia: "In his speech to the UN General Assembly last month, the president said the USA expected "other countries to pay their fair share".

"His is a voice of reasoned criticism and wise comment that the Saudi crown prince should listen to", wrote Law.Saudi Arabia, which ranks 169th out of 180 on RSF's World Press Freedom Index, has launched a modernisation campaign since Prince Mohammed's appointment as heir to the throne.

Other Turkish officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told outlets that they believed Khashoggi had been killed.

Khashoggi is a longtime Saudi journalist, foreign correspondent, editor and columnist whose work has been controversial in the past in the ultraconservative Sunni kingdom. "You have to pay for your military, you have to pay'".

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On Saturday, Trump said at a rally in West Virginia that although the Saudis had got trillions of dollars, "we don't get what we should be getting from them".

The prominent rights group also took global community to task for its "deafening silence on Saudi Arabia's crackdown on freedom of expression", adding that the worldwide community must demand an immediate explanation from Saudi Arabia's authorities about Jamal Khashoggi's fate or whereabouts. "So, for example if you look at the United States of America, when for example they wanted to free the slaves".

The former government adviser, who turns 60 on October 13, has lived in self-imposed exile in the United States since past year to avoid possible arrest.According to his fiancee, Khashoggi had visited the consulate to receive an official document for their marriage. "And even though the United States worked against our agenda we were able to protect our interests", he told the publication.

"We hope it will end as soon as possible".

"So Saudi Arabia needs something like around 2,000 years to maybe face some dangers".

The 33-year-old crown prince went on to say that Saudi Arabia had agreed to buy $110 billion worth of U.S. weapons and signed investment deals worth billions more, some $400 billion in total, since Trump took office in early 2017, and described the deals as a good achievement.

"President Obama, in his eight years, he worked against many of our agenda - not in Saudi Arabia, but also in the Middle East. Plus, it will help our security", Bin Salman further noted.

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