Sen. Collins Reveals How Mainers Reacted to Her Kavanaugh Decision

Sen. Collins Reveals How Mainers Reacted to Her Kavanaugh Decision

Sen. Collins Reveals How Mainers Reacted to Her Kavanaugh Decision

"In this case, it was obvious that people would be very angry with me no matter what I did".

But constituents in ME have told a different story since Collins' speech last Friday, in which she suggested that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford incorrectly remembered Kavanaugh as the person who assaulted her when the two were in high school and claimed the judge had displayed an appropriate temperament for a Supreme Court justice.

Collins told Bash that while she found Ford's testimony "heart-wrenching", the fact that both Ford and Kavanaugh said they were "100 percent certain" of their statements meant that she had to look to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for additional corroborating evidence.

Rice, however, said her "ties to ME are long and deep".

She said she believed that Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, was sexually assaulted, but that there was no corroboration that Kavanaugh was her assailant.

"I do believe that she was assaulted. Collins votes no on Kavanaugh or we fund her future opponent" has raised over $3 million for the 2020 race.

When asked about Ford's testimony in a Sunday interview on CBS' "Face the Nation", Collins said she is "convinced that Dr. Ford believes what she told us and that she was the victim, a survivor of sexual assault".

She told CNN that Kavanaugh's forceful denial and lack of corroborating evidence brought her back to fundamental issues of due process, a presumption of innocence and fairness.

Collins said she has to apply her best judgment.

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"I don't believe that the facts show it was Brett Kavanaugh", Sen.

"I did not do any kind of political calculation making my decision", Collins said.

She said Kavanaugh is the first of six Supreme Court nominees who expressed the importance of precedent. They had even attempted what some senators called a "bribe", raising millions of dollars in campaign pledges that they said they would donate to her opponent if she voted for President Trump's nominee.

Steve Nason, 44, said he had always questioned Ms. Collins' claims to be a moderate but that her speech impressed him with its thoroughness and thoughtfulness. She said her flight was delayed but she was determined return to ME for the dedication of a bridge honoring the late Cpl.

Sweet said a big factor would be whether Collins, 65, decides to run at all. She gave an impassioned, attractive speech yesterday.

"It's too soon to say what I might do", Hannah Pingree told the AP.

"Senator Collins will be well-funded [too], I can assure you", McConnell said.

Democrats charged that the White House prevented the Federal Bureau of Investigation from doing a thorough probe that might have run down leads, and multiple Yale classmates of Kavanaugh's tried to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation but say they were not interviewed. And because it was created to directly influence her vote, the legality may be dicey.

Now, Halsted said, Collins' constituents are "ready to support a senator from Maine who is going to stand up for Mainers and do what's right for the country, regardless of political party-and I think people realize Susan Collins is not that senator".

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