Galaxy Note 9 Bundle Now $264 Off

Galaxy Note 9 Bundle Now $264 Off

Galaxy Note 9 Bundle Now $264 Off

This bundle is available for the Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple Galaxy Note 9 models and includes the 128GB/6GB device bundled with Samsung's latest IconX earbuds and a fast Qi wireless charging stand.

As part of the announcement, the Note 9 buyers can purchase a Galaxy Watch priced at Rs 24,990 for Rs 9,999, the company added.

While $929 may still seem like a lot, the Galaxy Note 9 is offering a truly best-in-class experience. The hardware tests were done using the Rohde & Schwarz measurement equipment.

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Our tests used a 20MHz channel of Band 4, which is used by AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and the major Canadian wireless carriers, and attenuated an LTE signal from a strong -85dBm until the modems showed no performance. While the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max pack Intel's next-generation XMM7560 LTE modem, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Pixel 2 pack Qualcomm modems in the X20 and X16, respectively. In good signal conditions, they double the phone's speeds, but they also help in weak signal conditions. This channel is used by major carriers in the USA as well as Canada including, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. Thanks to well-tuned 4×4 MIMO antennas on iPhone XS, speeds doubled in strong signal conditions -85dBm. Why Apple has taken so long to implement it is another question, but either way, it's clear: When it comes to cell signal, the iPhone XS is a big step up over the iPhone X, and a worthy competitor to any other device. Speedtest Intelligence shows a 9.9Mbps jump from the iPhone 7 in the USA, and a 31.6Mbps jump in Canada.

Many users agreed with strateg_developer in question is the advantages of Galaxy Note over iPhone 9 Xs Max. In Canada, the Note 9 averaged 97.7Mbps versus iPhone XS's 85.4Mbps. Apple has improved performance and stability, even on older devices, with the iOS 12. The iPhone XS still remains competitive down to nearly no signal, though.

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