Meghan Markle stuns Britain by shutting vehicle door

Meghan Markle stuns Britain by shutting vehicle door

Meghan Markle stuns Britain by shutting vehicle door

Making her arrival, Meghan is seen getting out of the vehicle having had the door opened for her.

People Magazine believes it's all down to Meghan being a feminist - and the second video at the bottom of the page confirms she's done it before.

Meghan Markle sent social media into overdrive when she was spotted - shock horror - closing her own auto door during her first solo event this week.Now it appears her down to earth (ahem, normal) approach to life is rubbing off on husband Prince Harry, with the couple spotted catching the train from an event at Loughborough University on Monday.

Meghan doesn't just close auto doors with her own hands - she waves with them, too!

Yet, when Meghan Markle, the USA actress turned newly-wed wife of Britain's Prince Harry, closed her own vehicle door, a wave of shock and awe rolled over Britain. Some even wondered if she had actually undergone vocal coaching to sound more like a Brit.

Royals always have someone from the members of the staff opening and closing the doors for them, and this act by Meghan goes against the Royal protocols.

"Good thing she has arms and is able to close the door!"

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"Sorry Meghan Markle's new accent?" read another tweet.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a very exciting date in the diary.

He said: "Usually royalty and dignitaries have someone to open/close vehicle doors for security reasons: nothing to do with "princess behaviour".

At the time, some armchair experts who were quick to take to the internet to pass on their views on Meghan's breach of "royal etiquette".

Arriving at the Royal Academy of Arts, Meghan, 37, stepped out of the auto - after having the door opened for her by, presumably, a royal minder - and greeted her host.

"Can't wait to shut my auto door a la Meghan later", one quipped.

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