Google is adding a slew of new features to Search

Google is adding a slew of new features to Search

Google is adding a slew of new features to Search

Google is not only known as a search engine but also as a better technology company. These "evergreen" pages and videos should still be relevant to you, based on Google's AI-powered algorithms.

'Collections' is another feature being introduced by Google that will allow users to save content from the activity card. This can enable us to address queries like: "why does my TV look unusual?" to surface the most relevant results for that question, even if the exact words aren't contained in the page.

Since the humble beginning as a university project to the forefront of technological innovation, Google has also extended its roots into the physical world and invested millions into wind farms in North Dakota.

Users will be able to save pages to their Collections from Activity Cards.

According to Google, the content being delivered via Discover will be fresher than it has in the past.

Someone searching for information about a Pug dog will see different content than someone searching for information on a terrier, for example.

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The feel-good event came as the company is facing challenges galore, from questions about its reported revival of search efforts in China to controversy over leaked emails that showed Google employees discussing ways they might make changes in search to respond to President Donald Trump's travel ban. A new "featured videos" card for automatically played results will also appear for some queries. If you see it next to a trending topic you can tap it to follow the topic. Or you could hit the name of the topic to see a bunch of content about it. Google is bringing the Discover feed to the Google homepage on all mobile browsers in the next few weeks Moxley said.

Google has also announced that they're changing the Google Feed to Discover, focusing more on the discovery of content. Tapping on that will show you what it thinks are interesting parts of each photo, and show you similar products.

The search giant has grown a lot as compared to the past years.

Check out all of Google's new announcements in this blog post. We haven't been fans of it since that major change, but this week, Google is changing it yet again with a new name, new features, and a new look.

All to make searches easier. The company is working with the state of Virginia and its community colleges so it can help find not only jobs, but training for jobs. Google also says they will using information in the Knowledge Graph they maintain for each user to help serve up information that they deem is appropriate for your skill level on any given topic. Well, not really - Google will actually turn 20 on September 4 - but Google has been celebrating its birthday on September 27 for a long time now, so well, happy birthday Google.

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