Samsung Galaxy Note 9 explodes inside woman’s purse

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 explodes inside woman’s purse

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 explodes inside woman’s purse

DJ Koh, Samsung's head of mobile division continued to reassure customers that the battery capacity present in the Galaxy Note 9 was not only larger, but it was also safer.

We were dreading a news like this ever since the Galaxy Note 9 was launched and now it's here. Back in 2016, the Korean giant discontinued its previous-generation flagship phablet after a battery flaw caused dozens of the phones to explode or burst into flames. After which she noticed smoke coming out of her purse.

About two weeks ago, a real estate agent in Long Island, New York by the name of Diane Chung, had claimed to be the first victim of a purported Galaxy Note9 battery issue. It will definitely be a challenge for Samsung to figure out legit incidents and to placate the public who can still remember the circus around the literally hot Galaxy Note 7.

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As per the lawsuit, Chung placed the bag on the elevator floor, as she attempted to pull out her smoking Samsung phone, burning her fingers in the process.

Some Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders still haven't reached their new owners in the United States, with a number of consumers now waiting for their Android flagships for over a month. Moments later, she heard a "whistling and screeching sound" and saw that there was thick smoke emerging from the bag. According to the New York Post, the company is reportedly investigating into the matter, though it has yet to be informed of similar cases of the Galaxy Note 9 catching fire. "We've instituted a water-based carbon cooling system that is unique to Samsung, in addition to the eight-step battery safety check we created", Beaumont said. The latter recall was required after it was found that there were close to 100 cases of Note 7 units catching fire in the USA alone, as noted by Wired. The report says that she was traumatised by the incident, and she was left being unable to contact her clients while her bag contents were damaged.

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