Hurricane Florence pounds Carolina coast with fierce winds, flooding

Hurricane Florence pounds Carolina coast with fierce winds, flooding

Hurricane Florence pounds Carolina coast with fierce winds, flooding

"This rise in water level can cause extreme flooding in coastal areas particularly when storm surge coincides with normal high tide", the hurricane center said, "resulting in storm tides reaching up to 20 feet or more in some cases".

The hurricane was also deadly, killing four people. "Warmer oceans mean more energy to intensify tropical storms and hurricanes", he said.

"If the rain stops Monday, I'm at least going to run over there and check it out", Baker said.

"This is a hurricane event followed by a flood event", said South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster.

Some of the worst flooding was in New Bern, a town of 30,000 in North Carolina at the confluence of the Trent and Neuse rivers, where hundreds of people needed to be rescued after becoming trapped in their homes by a storm surge of up to 10 feet (3 meters). More than 26,000 hunkered down in shelters.

For people living inland in the Carolinas, the moment of maximum peril from flash flooding could arrive days later, because it takes time for rainwater to drain into rivers and for those streams to crest.

Southeastern coastal North Carolina into far northeastern SC could see 20 to 30 inches of rainfall; some isolated areas could see 40 inches.

This brings the total of Hurricane Florence-related deaths up to 4.

A driver in a pickup truck drove standing water and lost control of the vehicle near Gilbert, SC on Sunday morning, according to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety.

More news: Trump rejects storm death toll

The White House said on Friday President Donald Trump had spoken with state and local officials, assuring them the federal government was prepared to help.

She retreated and was eventually rescued by a boat crew.

"Hurricane Florence is powerful, slow and relentless", he said.

Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina early Friday, signaling the beginning of what is expected to be days of rainfall and many inches-in some cases multiple feet-of precipitation falling on the Carolinas.

In Jacksonville, North Carolina, more than 60 people were evacuated from a hotel after part of the roof collapsed, city officials said.

"The size of the tree is not something you could simply cut with a chainsaw and remove and then quickly extricate", he said.

North Carolina Emergency Management advised residents Friday morning that "If your power goes out, do NOT operate gas powered generators or charcoal grills in or near your home". Electricity remained out for much of the city, known for its historic mansions, with power lines lying across roads like wet strands of spaghetti. The site lost enough material to fill around two-thirds of an Olympic-sized pool, the company said in a statement, adding that it did not believe the incident posed a risk to health or the environment. The ash left behind when coal is burned contains toxic heavy metals, including lead and arsenic.

Wilmington police confirmed that a mother and her infant died when a tree fell on their home. Floyd, like Florence, hit Wilmington directly and dumped record amounts of rain. On the mainland in New Bern, authorities said more than 100 people had to be saved from floods and that the downtown area was underwater.

Five deaths have been linked to the storm and thousands of people have been staying in emergency shelters. Even in the midst of a storm, these feeding sites must report leaks, she said.

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