SpaceX announces new plan to send tourist around Moon

SpaceX announces new plan to send tourist around Moon

SpaceX announces new plan to send tourist around Moon

Assuming no other flights beat SpaceX to its goal and the person aboard isn't a repeat flyer (which has happened only once), the individual aboard SpaceX's first private flight will be the eighth-ever space tourist to leave the Earth's exosphere.

In a step that commercialises space travel, USA private space firm SpaceX on Friday announced that it will send the first private passenger to Moon and will reveal his identity on Monday.

SpaceX now has a $1.6 billion contract with NASA to supply the astronauts living at the ISS, via regular cargo trips on its Dragon spaceship, launched aboard a Falcon 9 rocket.

The person's identity will be revealed on September 17, SpaceX. said in a tweet. Asked whether he'd be the first passenger, Musk-who's also the chief executive officer of Tesla Inc. -posted an emoji of a Japanese flag.

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It may be noted, in February 2017 SpaceX said that two people have signed a deal with SpaceX to make a trip around the moon aboard - a Falcon Heavy rocket.

SpaceX has always been public about their dream of sending private citizens to space. We'll find out on Monday if the adventurous soul signed up to the BFR mission is one of the same people that was planning to go on the Falcon Heavy trip.

Only 24 humans have been to the Moon so far, and no one has visited since the 1972 Apollo mission.

The 35-story BFR will be powered by 31 of SpaceX's next-generation Raptor engines, with a rocket and spacecraft component - the Big Falcon Spaceship, or BFS. But Musk has broad ambitions for SpaceX and the BFR. These include performing satellite launches, cleaning up space junk, and of course, taking the rich and space curious on trips around the moon.

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