Trump says government shutdown not likely before November election

Trump says government shutdown not likely before November election

Trump says government shutdown not likely before November election

A high school student's appearance behind President Donald Trump at a Montana campaign rally was widely shared on social media after the 17-year-old made a series of facial expressions that looked a lot like, well, a teenager reacting to a rambling politician in a suit.

The man raised his eyebrows and looked disbelieving as Mr Trump criticised the Democrats, saying the party was "held hostage by haters".

Standing directly behind President Trump during his 75-minute rant was a plaid-clad young man, at times flashing incredulous, mocking faces directly to the camera as the president incoherently blustered about his critics. Trump declared at one point in his speech, repeating a claim that has been fact-checked as false. He clapped when Trump said Bernie Sanders had had the Democratic nomination stolen from him.

Most people don't need encouragement to behave appropriately, but to prevent slip-ups, campaigns typically vet people who will be near the president and instruct them on how to avoid being a distraction, experts said.

After the rally, he tweeted: 'Thank you Montana, I love you!'. When I heard something that I disagreed with, I visibly disagreed.

Linfesty was removed from the event mid-way through Trump's speech, after which the Secret Service asked him to leave - and not come back - according to CNN. "But I say, how can you impeach somebody who has done a great job?" His friends were also replaced. "I didn't want to make a scene more than I already did".

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Linfesty claimed nobody actually told him why he was booted from the venue - he says he had his ID checked before being escorted away from the rally, as a piece in USA Today has noted.

Tyler knew he had gone viral after he bumped into some friends outside the arena and they told him: You're trending.

Linfesty told local paper the Billings Gazette that he found out that morning he had been selected to attend the rally and meet the president.

Trump closed a rally Thursday in Billings, Montana, by speaking about the achievements of American ancestors who built railroads and linked highways. He attacked Tester for opposing legislation to ban sanctuary cities.

National Republican Senatorial Committee communications director Calvin Moore said the group represented "a sad attempt by Tester to cover up his liberal record".

One of the two in the FFA jacket is Jack Bernhardt, who replied to Wilson: "I was the FFA kid on his right and I very much appreciate your comment!" Some stuff I agreed with, some stuff I disagreed with.

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