Kevin Spacey: LA prosecutors drop sexual assault charge

Kevin Spacey: LA prosecutors drop sexual assault charge

Kevin Spacey: LA prosecutors drop sexual assault charge

Spacey, who was accused of sexually assaulting actor Anthony Rapp when Rapp was 14 years old, was removed from the cast of House of Cards as the series halted production ahead of its sixth season in 2017.

Prosecutors declined to charge Spacey in an October 1992 case, saying the date was beyond the period in which a charge could be filed.

According to Variety, there is still one more case that the sheriff's department are reviewing regarding relating to the shamed House of Cards star.

Kevin Spacey will no longer face charges over some accusations of sexual assault.

Seagal is still under scrutiny for another alleged sexual assault, although the details of the accusation are unclear. "Anthony unequivocally disputes the claim". "The victim was not a minor at the time of the alleged crime, according to authorities", THR reports. Spacey apologized for any inappropriate conduct with Rapp but has not commented since and has stepped away from public life.

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As previously reported, Spacey was sacked from House of Cards last November following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct - several of which were made by past and present crew members.

Word of the "declinations", as they are called (because prosecutors decline to press charges), arrived in a statement emailed to USA TODAY from Greg Risling, the spokesman for the task force. At least six accusations of sex crimes are being investigated by London's Metropolitan Police.

The case against Seagal involves an incident that allegedly occurred in 1993 involving an 18-year-old.

United Kingdom police are also looking into several accusations against the actor.

He was dropped a year ago from the Netflix television series House of Cards and erased from the film All the Money in the World.

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