California Lawmakers Vote for Net Neutrality

California Lawmakers Vote for Net Neutrality

California Lawmakers Vote for Net Neutrality

Public Knowledge welcomes the bill and applauds California's net neutrality activists for urging their state lawmakers to protect consumers over broadband providers.

Jerry Brown will decide whether California should have the nation's strongest protections for net neutrality rules meant to ensure a level playing field on the internet after the measure cleared the final legislative hurdle on Friday.

The California Legislature has approved a measure allowing higher electricity bills to pay off lawsuits stemming from last year's deadly wildfires.

The bill stops Internet service providers from blocking or slowing down certain websites or "classes of applications", like video.

In addition, it would prohibit internet providers from collecting fees from apps and sites in order for them to reach users.

More than 20 states are suing the FCC to overturn the agency's decision on net neutrality and almost three dozen states have introduced bills to replace the defunct regulations with three states have already approved them. The bill needs only Senate concurrence, or agreement with Assembly revisions, before heading to Brown's desk too - but that must happen by midnight on August 31, the final day of the legislative session.

The Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, hasn't said if he will sign it. Thirty states have introduced Bills to ensure net neutrality.

For example, AT&T zero-rates the DirecTV Now streaming service for its cellular customers, meaning consumers can watch programming on a mobile phone without it counting against their data caps.

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Internet service providers echoed Pai's language about regulatory measures, calling California's bill "heavy-handed".

The California legislation includes numerous FCC's old rules, but goes even further.

Critics say California would be foolish to give up the unique control it has over its grid operator, especially when President Donald Trump is looking to expand opportunities for coal plants and California is looking to shed coal from the grid.

SB 822 passed 61 to 18 in the state Assembly on Thursday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Without strong rules, say companies such as Eventbrite and Vimeo, internet providers could engage in anticompetitive behavior that harms smaller online companies, reducing consumer choices.

California might become the first state in the nation to force publicly traded companies to put women on their boards of directors. Opponents of net neutrality have long said they favor less regulation.

Eshoo mentioned, as a reason new rules are needed, Verizon's recent throttling of internet data for Santa Clara County firefighters as they fought the Mendocino Complex fire, the largest in California history. "And they're not going to let their elected officials get away with it if they sell out their constituents by siding with big telecom companies".

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